Recruiting wars and the payoff

Cougar Stats Tweeted this today:

BYU’s basketball recruiting rankings in recent years: 2013 - 14th, 2014 - 25th, 2016 - 29th. It just takes a long time for them to all play.

Help is on the way, we love to argue about this more than any other topic at Cougarfan but with missions and a year to get your sea legs back my guess is that 2017 will be very special.

This year Yeole Childs (ESPN #50) is getting all the press but the Baxter kid out of Timpview is ranked higher depending on the scouting service.

“According to the 247sports Composite, he four-star recruit and the third best player in the state. He is also listed as a top 100 player according to most sites. Baxter’s defensive abilities could make him a huge pick up for the BYU program as it seems that most players recruited in the last few years are offensive minded and defensively challenged. While Baxter is not the most polished offensive player, he does have some good skills that will mean the Cougars won’t be playing 4 on 5 when he is on the floor like we’ve seen with Josh Sharp and even Corbin Kaufusi (early last season).” I watched Baxter in a game last week where he got 20 points in dunks alone. Think about that for a minute.

Also Connor Harding, another ESPN top 100 guard from Highland High, Id. will serve his mission before coming to BYU. Great penetrator with Jimmer range.

Me) this is great news for BYU as both Childs and Baxter are both very defensively equipped. Rose is killing it in recruiting, time to start reaping the rewards.

And Rose is a top ten active coach’s winning percentage without the reputablely talented players…
Wish I could find his record as head coach at Dixie…it would be fun to look at video and the stats on his teams that competed for the national championship

No more hype!

This needs to happen for real this time.

just the facts, no hype. 2013 does not show up until 2017. Capish?

as a side note, Gonzaga is just as good of recruiting numbers. This year they have ESPN #37 and #84 plus some other 4 star recruits.