Recruiting wars with Utah

Since Utah joined the P12, they claim to have won the recruiting war. This article says otherwise.

My gut says that parts of the argument are true but I am not buying it.
What say you?

It’s according to what sports one is talking about. Of course the U is in the PAC 12, BYU is indy in football and in the rec league for most of its Olympic sports, except the WCC is a pretty good baseball conference. BYU is very good in track and field. The U with Whit vs. Bronco goes to the U. But with Kelinani we shall see. BYU volleyball, both men 's and women’s is superior. BYU softball does very well in the West Coast rec league. The U’s women’s basketball does well in the PAC 12, but the BYU women’s team does well in the WCC rec-league and in national competition. To me the recruiting scene looks pretty even for both schools. I thought that the U would be walking away in football recruiting and in men’s basketball.But as the public knows the U’s men’s coach “fears” the BYU men’s basketball team to the point that the U’s HC refuses to play BYU anymore, except for in SLC. Under Bronco the U has moved ahead of BYU in football, but lets see what happens under Kelinani’s watch.

Utah has done well in Mens basketball, football and womens Gymnastiics. Every other sport BYU ownes them. I may have forgot about tennis. Utah is usually fairly ok in tennis. Things will now change in basketball and football will get much more even, tipping to BYU in a year or two. Recruiting will go BYU, you will see it pretty quick. I believe Krysto will be gone in three years or sooner. If he has a really bad year in basketball next year, he may bail for another job pretty quick. I would not be suprised to see him go assistant with some pro team. That is the quick escape route.

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