Reducing Turnovers Will Seal the Win

BYU has lost the last five games, mainly due to turnovers–19 in five games. Reduce turnovers, and increase the likelihood of a win. I believe with the turnover-prone GFGH gone and the new more stable offense in place, the Cougs will reduce turnovers and come off the victors: 27-17.

Yep, good point John. I think we’ll see a defensive game with BYU pulling out a slim victory. BYU 17, Utah 13.

Yup but I think we will see more scoring 31-27

you nailed it Mike…only you forgot to include the Refs in the deal. Nice call on the score

Thanks Fish. Those calls were infuriating. Something has to change with the targeting calls. I’m all for protecting defenseless players, but right now the rules are way to punitive. And what about the freak interception on the first play? Utah is so lucky when they play BYU. Six in a row is not going down easy for me.