Reflecting on the Big Win vs. the Big Picture

Great Win! Love It! It’s been a long time coming and that magical glimmer of belief has come back again that is my very favorite thing about college football – the belief that we can truly compete and win, that someday 1979-83, 1989-90, 1996, and of course, most importantly, 1984 could somehow happen again!!!

Watching OSU-TCU right now, a question comes to mind – will the FBS blue bloods ever allow that to happen again?

Thoughts anyone?

We lost the game to Cal. According to players they didn’t practice hard for that game. Sitaki has recruited and built his players to where we can compete with the big boys. We have to practice hard and focused. Stay away from too many injuries. And, put a QB in that can run and pass better.

I agree with your points, but they’re off topic? What I’m wondering is whether anyone else has wondered if the 10 blue blood FBS teams will ever condescend to allow the other 55 P5 teams, or us, or any G5 team to ever have a legit chance at the national championship, other than once in a very, very blue moon? Seems like maybe those 10 teams are their own “super P1” conference? Has anyone else ever wondered about this?

I remember I think in 1978 we were in the top 10. There was a cartoon in the school newspaper with a little kid in a football jersey sitting at a kids table looking into a room of 10 large college men at the adult table, one of which was BYU. The kid said, “I wonder if when I grow up someday maybe I can be in that room too.”
That was right before Indiana beat us in a bowl game. We missed an easy field goal. We have to prove ourselves and we can get there.

Win Baby Win, good things come your way. I just want in a P 5 conference.