Regarding Uah cancelling BB with the Y

I think the Y should tell the U of U they are cancelling all sporting events and any other joint activities with the U of U. Just be done with the “relationship.” Everyone says the Y needs to play the Utes and I say bull stuff. Just cut off any and all joint activities, sporting or non-sporting. Sever all ties. They can travel their own highway and we will travel ours.

Canceling all sports to iutard now and pay all the breach contracts? Pretty hefty fees and we look silly. Tom Holmoe and the BOT wouldn’tdo that. Anyway you are spot on how I feel.

Well, give a date when contracts are not in force, 2018, 2020, 2024, etc. Just say by such and such a date the U of U is dead to us.

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Hint: When you’re in a hole and need to get out, stop digging…

Utah coach Larry Krystkowiak, AD Chris Hill expand on decision to cancel BYU-Utah basketball game