Reid wins his Super Bowl so

Now he can coach at BYU and win a National Championship :hugs:

Lol not likely-he is already planning for next year. Congrats to Reid and Sorensen. Mahomes finds a way to keep drives alive and Niners freeze up and try not to lose.nice game for Warner

they mentioned it on Talkin Sports. Cougar fans are delusional. Good for Andy, he earned all of it.

As for the game. The niners defense is every bit as good as predicted. Warner should of been the MVP if the niners won. The defense also hid Garoppolo’s weakness for almost the full game. Could a certain paitriot QB help the niner’s? Maybe Kap (I am a complete jerk)

Mahones almost felt like he was toying with us. It was like he turned on when he needed to, just like the previous 2 playoff games, and blew away the competition. He is the true MVP of the league.

Agreed-I’m not usually a KC supporter, but for Reid the exception and Mahomes is all that he is reported to be

Skip Bayless is a flame thrower. He is the guy who started the rumor a number of years ago that Troy Aikman might be gay. Troy hasn’t gotten over it and still won’t talk to Bayless from what I understand. Bayless has always been known as a guy who likes to stir the pot even before he became nationally known. He isn’t well liked in the Dallas area.

Garoppolo is probably good enough if guys like Nick Foles, Trent Dilfer, the Tampa Bay guy (i forgot his name, I think Johnson), and even Joe Flacco, to a degree, can QB a Super Bowl winner then I suppose Garoppolo could but he ran into a team with a great QB that was playing inspired football since the start of the playoffs.

Garoppolo was certainly good enough all season and for 3.5 quarters of the SuperBowl.

I threw the idea out there before I ran into the Bayless article. Can’t stand Bayless or his sidekick.

So, you admit you are a jerk :joy:
Ya, good analysis

Bay less is a nightmare. Aikman isn’t gay but he is a super complainer. He is the result of being a very accurate QB on the best teams ever assembled. There was no salary cap and Jimmy Johnson put together the best O Line that the NFL has ever seen. The second string unit could have started on any other NFL team. Then the salary cap hit and Jimmy left Jerry and things gradually went to normal and Aikman couldn’t handle it. He whined and complained about his teammates and basically never brought his team up from where they were. If he played in today’s NFL he would be a good QB and maybe a pro bowl QB a couple of times but not a 3 time Super Bowl winner or hall of famer.

We will never know…What we do know is he won 3 Super Bowls and we did not :slight_smile:

The Cowboys had some of the best teams of all time and Aikman was certainly a big part of it. but he did have a hall of fame RB - Emmitt Smith, a hall of fame Wide Receiver- Michael Irvin, a great offensive line (one of the best ever) and the rest of the supporting case on offense was outstanding as well. The defense was also great so maybe he wouldn’t have won three for for anybody else but he was still a key ingredient on a team loaded with hall of famers and other pro bowlers.