Replace the new board with the old board

Why does everyone want to fix something that isn’t broken? The old board format worked just fine. Just leave it the way it was.

Is there some reason you decided not to warn us that this was about to happen?

I don’t even get how it works either. The old one was easy and you could see all the topics to respond to also at one time.

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I agree this really sucks… I loved the old format …

This is what happens when people do not find out what their target audience wants… they think they know better… just like Obama

Hi CougarFans,

Welcome to the new boards. This undoubtedly feels like a big change. We’re sorry that the roll out of the new boards didn’t work exactly as we’d planned. What we intended and will still do is run the two boards concurrently through the end of the year. After that we will have to close the old boards because we cannot continue to support the old code.

In time we hope that we can make these new boards feel like home for the loyal CougarFans who have been active on for a long time.

Please take the time to read the FAQ on this page because it provides more context for why we need to make the change.

Although the legacy boards are open for everyone to use through the end of the year, we have high hopes that many – if not all – of you will find your way back to these new boards with greater frequency.

Let’s keep the conversations going!

  • Burke Olsen, General Manager

Mr. Olsen; I understand the reason why you need to make a change. However, you would have been wiser to make the new board - in format - as similar to the old board to possible. I have to say that this format is awkward and uncomfortable. I would bet you lose folks but perhaps that is a loss you are willing to take in the hope you will add others over time. I am doubtful I will continue but will try to experiment for a bit.

Mr Olsen,

I think the point about all this is that you keep doing things without any warning. A few months back you delete the old board without saying anything. After email complaints you put it back up. Then without warning again, you took down the old board and installed the new one.

The point is that you keep doing things without warning anybody. Who would have known that you would also wipe out all the account too?

I thought after the disaster with the first time you took the old board down, you were going to let us know about any changes. Are we going to expect more surprises from you in the future?

@berck I’m sorry that our communication has been so poor. Here’s what we were trying to do with today’s soft launch of the new boards: run both systems in parallel to allow regular CougarFan commenters to test the new boards and provide feedback.

I think where we made a mistake was in changing the URL for the new boards to the URL of the old boards without warning. That meant that anyone who had bookmarked had a big surprise when they visited that URL today. And you have every right to be upset and concerned about the way we did that.

To be clear, the old boards are still available at

The new boards, as you know, are available at

Please continue to use the old boards; They’ll be available through the end of the year. We hope that you’ll also start testing the new boards and that many (or most, if not all) of the current users will make this transition with us. We hope that you can keep alive the conversations and the friendships that you have formed over the years.

@Roy_Webber I agree that the new format takes a lot of getting used to. At first glance it is not as intuitive as is the old system. At the same time, it comes with a slew of features, including the fact that it works well on a mobile device. We decided, perhaps wrongly, that it was worth making the trade offs.

Let us know know your experimentation goes. We hope you’ll come to enjoy it.

Right now this is not where I wanted to come to easily access messages. I would consider going back to the old version and see how people react. There are not very many people on this site, and nothing to read.

It will take some time getting used to for sure, let’s not panic, yet.

Any plans to make this board as intuitive as the old board? It looks really confusing.

I have a feeling that the board is not really that important for the new administration and I don’t see why is that.

I live in Brazil and cougarfan was the only place I had to talk to fellow cougars. If the board is going to be changed around every other moth and thus making people stop posting here, it doesn’t make much sense for me to continue browsing here, since I can get BYU news from newspapers and sports sites

I am not sure why you keep saying “it works well on mobile” when I have been using my phone and IPAD in the old system to view and make comments on CougarFan. It worked well for me…

You need to redesign the front page… make a header bar across the top that has section like “Football”, “Basketball”, “Off Topic” etc… then if you want to break it out to men’s and women’s with a drop down list, that would work

Then on the main page have a tree view of the discussion threads posts… that way we can visually see who responded to what posts…

Add a “like” button as well… people really like that and it would enhance your webpage.

As a programmer, if I presented this web site to any of my clients, I would get fired… that is the hard real facts…

I agree. The more I use the new board, the more I like it.

The complaint that there is no activity seems pretty invalid. We are all creatures of habit, and go with what ever we are already comfortable with. In this case that is the old board. I’ll admit that at first glance I didn’t like this board, but I think that once people leave the old board and come here they will agree that this board is actually far superior. It just takes a little getting used to to see this.l

Okay, so I am going to try and get used to the new format and let everyone know what I think. I have no problem letting people know what I think.

So now I have the wrong user ID and I would like to close the account and get one that identifies me more accurately. Is there any way to do that?

This is going to take some getting used to.

Click on the J (your avatar) in the upper right corner. Select
“profile”. Then select “preferences”. Then you can change your name. You can also try logging out and start a new profile.

Exactly!!! This is ridiculous! On the old board, we could just log on, see a new post and click on it. Then, we could see all who responded to the post. Click on those persons we wanted to respond to and do all this quickly. This whole set up takes way too much time for those who work but want to tap into the thoughts and minds of cougar fans.

Also, I’ve been using my Iphone for years and have had no problem logging in. I have no clue what they are talking about. Just trying to justify the change when there is no justification. We liked it the way it is. We didn’t want enhancements that have turned out to be nothing of the kind for what we looked for.

Superior in what way? For what we were using it for, the old board was quick and easy to respond to. This is ridiculous!