Rivalry game speculation

Sadly our talented Cougars didn’t get to play our rivals up north. Our talent level is still not equal to that of the Utes or most Big Five teams but never-the-less it is fun to win and the Covid year gave us the opportunity to play so many games. The CFP committee reflected the feelings of most experts. No wins over ranked opponents will not carry the day. We are left with speculation as to who would win the rivalry game but reality speaks loudly that the last nine years we have come up empty.

I live outside Utah and for me it feels like the “rivalry game” is not so much a rivalry anymore. BYU and Utah have been following different paths for awhile now and it seems like the game is losing steam. It is really only a rivalry game for the fans in Utah.

Whatever is meant by “talent.” I would beg to differ with you. The closeness of the games would say we are still on equal par in talent.

Wait until we play them again…You’ll be climbing the walls during the game :wink:


I agree with you.
When you lose every game in a decade, that hardly ranks as a rivalry.
I see Boise State as the true Rival.
No, I do not accept Utah State as a rival anymore then the Utes see the Cougars as a rival.

I now look forward, as much, to the Boise State game, as I do the Utes game.
Hey things can change. I believe that the Utes will only be a three point favorite playing in Provo this season. Stranger things has happened. This could be an upset game that could start us back on the path as being a real rivalry game.

I agree with you JCoug. To me it doesn’t matter if BYU stops playing Utah in football. In Olympic sports and basketball one game a year is fine to help fill out non-conference schedules. P-5 conference schools, including Utah have a great advantage in football over BYU because of the almighty dollar.