Robert Anae to Hawaii?

There’s some speculation that Anae could be heading to Hawaii source

So, I know the article mentions Beck as a possible replacement, but wouldn’t the money be on Doman? Bronco seems to like to fire and rehire people he already used… :wink:

This is great news!

What a fantastic opportunity for him to coach in Hawaii. I wish him the best of luck.

Is this an immediate thing or will he have to wait until next season begins? :wink:

Ah Robert-the poster child for thoughtful rhetoric

This is probably not going to happen. I have read that June Jones wants his old job back.

How about Chow? :slight_smile:

Are you going to be around for the game tomorrow night?

Yes, I am at home watching tonight.

It is going to be a late one.

Ya, and I have to get up early too. I may watch it at home and tape the end of the game. Hopefully, it’s a blowout by then.