Robinson enters the Portal


“The reason I am entering the transfer portal is because of the new coaching change at BYU,” Robinson said. “I want to get to know Coach [Kevin] Young, but at the same time, I need to weigh all of my options. However, my primary focus is still achieving my longtime dream of playing in the NBA.” (ESPN)

It looks like the new coach has been reaching out and I think there’s a fair chance we will see Jax back in uniform this next season.

Here’s some math:

J does not = N,
Where J = Jax and N = playing in the NBA
Y = R,
Where Y = Coach Young and R = getting ready for the NBA
J+ Y = N

Pretty simple

please welcome Jax out of the portal and back to BYU!

Ahhh…the old transitive property…simply put, if you want to play in the NBA, get coached by an NBA coach. Play for BYU.

BYU’s Jaxson Robinson, projected NBA draft pick, to enter portal (

I get the draft projection but not sure he is ready to play in the NBA
subtle distinction perhaps but Having watched hom closely I just think in my not expert opinion he would greatly benefit from another year coached by an NBA coach

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He needs to beef up and show some more muscle in my opinion. He would greatly improve under an NBA coach like Young. So will all the players.