ROC'in on The ROC

I remember that it wasn’t too long ago that discussion on this board centered around poor attendance and little or no noise from the student section. I live in San Diego and haven’t been to a basketball game in Provo for many years. Now I am very impressed with ROC, and especially the video with Coach Sitaki in the middle of it all. Here, locally, San Diego State is very proud of their student section called “The Show”. They border on vulgar, and at best rude. You might remember the the signs about Jimmer and his fiance. Sometimes they have been entertaining like when everyone shows up for a BYU game with white shirts, ties, bicycle helmets, and name tags. OK, that is funny, but SDSU admin. has had to send several letters of apology to BYU admin. because of “The Show”. ROC on the other hand looks like students having good clean fun. Rowdy, but clean. Looks like the attendance is up as well.
Go ROC! Go Cougs!

It is good to see the positive press about the attendance. It will add to a bandwagon effect.

However, if you look at attendance numbers over the years, today’s attendance is not what it was. Even with the lower capacity today it still doesn’t fill up as much as it used to with higher capacity…