Roe v Wade going down?

Looks like it. Politico reports from a leak that the SCOTUS has voted to overturn Roe v Wade. The leak is highly detrimental to our constitutional republic and done by a far left law clerk from a leftist on the court. What stupid thinking went on with these leftists?

  1. Try to get the Justices to change their vote
  2. Use this for the midterm elections
  3. Get Biden to pack the court
  4. Get Congress to pass the pro abortion legislation

Of course you have documentation that proves this right? Since they just started the investigation today…
It could be a clerk on a “Conservative” judge section that happens to disagree with the decision. BTW, SCOTUS has a pool of clerks that works for all the judges.

But that is not even the most important issue about the leak, because of this leak, it violates the very core of how SCOTUS works. The reason those things are not part of the record is because it allows the Judges to make decisions solely based on their understanding of the Law and Constitution WITHOUT outside interference.

I have noticed several Democrats in Congress are as outraged with the action of this moron as the republicans are.

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Who are these Democrats? All the media outlets that I look at–and I look at several–don’t mention them.

You have got to be kidding! Why would a conservative Republican get the Left all riled up? The Democrats are sorely losing the message for the midterms and this they believe will get Democrats out to vote. And, Democrats are calling for packing the court, getting rid of the filibuster and burning down the Court.

Those documents were government and a federal crime was committed. Yet, the criminal is being hailed as a martyr for the left by the media and politicians in your party. Probably Mitt Romney too.

Ginsberg once stated Roe v Wade should not have been done taking these decisions away from the people through democracy. But the Democrats now don’t really want democracy. They want the leftist government make all decisions. Such a wicked and adulterous generation.

Durbin and Marchin are some of them, they are not many, but there is some more in the middle that is upset with leaking.

Do you know that the process clerk are chosen? No where are they asked what their Political leanings are. I will say it less likely, but it is just as valid as your assumptions which has never been verified by any reliable source.

Wrong again about Romney, he said "“The breach of the court’s deliberative process, however, is an appalling affront to a critical institution and should be fully investigated and those responsible should be punished,”

As for the rest of your gibberish, I will let you want on and on about the world as you see it, without comment.

The leak was almost certainly done as a hail Mary, to try to rile up and panic abortion supporters to hopefully get one of the swing votes to change.

I think the leak may have the opposite effect, since it’s so obvious that that is why it leaked. It may force the five voters to stand pat to prove that the Court can’t be manipulated like that.

Agreed, I heard today on Fox News that it might not be a clerk at all, but one of the regular staff members, which just opens another can of worms.

What will be interesting to see if Schumer will actually do a congressional investigation into the leak.

You know congress just loves having investigations about anything and everything these days.

Not if it’s from a Democrat. Why would he do that?

Are you saying that a Republican clerk will get a job with a Democrat Justice? Baloney!

If you have a chance to clerk for a Justice, it is a bright STAR on your resume… So that is a possibility.

Clerk goes there for Professional achievement, not political reasons.

The staff is made up democrats, republicans and independents… You guess…
My guess is a deep state type of things.

The court is doing its own investigation. Chief Justice Roberts has asked the Marshal of the court to launch an investigation.

What if it’s one of the Justices? I wouldn’t put it past Sotomayor.

Why would a Republican Justice have a Democrat on their staff? And vice versa?

Quite frankly Roe v Wade was never based on anything constitutional. The basis for it was a convoluted interpretation of the constitution that 7 justices pulled out of their butts because that is where their heads must have been at the time and the country has been stuck with it for about 50 years. The argument now is that it is constitutional based on judicial precedent. The only problem is that the precedent is based on nothing found in the text of the constitution or any prior judicial precedent.

The progressives are screaming that you don’t overturn precedent completely ignoring the fact that prior bad precedents have been overturned. They are also lying about the draft written by Alito claiming it will lead to other of their sacred cows getting torn down by the courts. Alito was quite clear that this decision would apply only to the question of abortion and it would return that issue to the individual
states to decide through their legislatures and that is where it properly belongs.

In my opinion there are some very rare circumstances where an abortion might be justified. It is never justified as a means of birth control.

Whoever leaked this should never practice law again and should be criminally prosecuted if there is a legal basis for criminal prosecution. This leak was for the purpose of intimidating the judges so one or more of them will reverse course. I also believe it was almost certainly leaked by a Democrat law clerk to take the focus off the policy disasters of the Biden administration and to give the Democrats an issue they can run on in the midterms.

Well I believe what they did is considered a felony offense, if convicted of leaking “government documents” you cannot practice law having a felony conviction as I understand it.

The real question in my mind is are they really going to investigate it, or do like they did with Clinton or Biden scandals, try to sweep it under the rug?

One thing I think is in our favor here, The 9 Justices are all actually good friends. Not sure people knew this about Justice Scalia and Ginsburg, but they are extremely close friends. So this leak may have the reverse affect the leaker intended. All 9 justices coming down on them.

Ginsberg is also on record of saying Roe was a bad decision. But that’s not what the left Democrat are using this as. As Biden and others are saying is other rights are to follow, which is a lie.

For once Hopper is correct.
With things going from bad to worse and the Bidens turning everything they touch into S__T, They will use this as a rallying point. The trouble is…Abortion is not on everyone’s minds. It is the price of oil and all the poor choices these dunder heads have made from completely underestimating what inflation does and the pain at the pump and store that we all have to deal with. Everyone feels it from the homeless to the rich. We Can’t wait to vote out these bums.

Biden wanted Zelenski to give up Ukraine. Til Americans protested that Putin was doing what Russia always does and it was time to stand up to evil.

Amazes me that people can’t see right through a 50 year career of ineptitude Biden has. The side deals, the under the table deals this guy has going on and a media that refuses to talk about it.
True evil.

I am not sure that Biden knows “what” he wants without a teleprompter or someone whispering in his ear.

I think it is the signs of the times, people see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe because they are not interested in researching out the truth. This is true from both sides of the isle, as well as people in general.

They read something and believe it is true because it fits their view of reality.

That is why I need to go fishing more a lot more relaxing and “real”!

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