Rose talking Hero Ball is the problem

From his media talk yesterday Rose feels that when a guy makes a shot, they feel proud about it and others don’t feel they were a part of the shot. The crew on BYU Sports Nation felt that what happens is Fischer and Emery try to make plays when the offense gets bogged down. And, that’s what Rose was talking about. Neither of them put the problem on KC. In fact, they want him to score more, drive more to the basket and get double teams so that others like CF and JE can get open shots.

Rose wants the ball passed around more. But, I’m not sure that’s the issue. They pass the ball around a lot. That weave ends up with the ball passed 8 or 10 times with no threat on the basket for the defenses have to worry about. I’ve complained about the motion offense being stagnant for a long time now. There is no purpose to the weave and teams have figured out how to defend against it not letting shooters get open off the weave.

Here are some statistics that were mentioned on the program today:
When we win we average 18.7 assists per game. When we lose we average 10.7 assists per game. 59% of made field goals happen with an assist in wins. 39% of made field goals happen with an assist in loses.
Do these stats support the assumption that the losses happen because of selfish play or Hero Ball? I don’t believe so. There can be other reasons for the losses, the low assists leading to poor shooting percentage and low scores. To emphasize one issue when there are others won’t help in my opinion.

I believe there are other reasons for the losses. We try to say the WCC is a rec league meaning there are just average gym rats playing on other teams. That just isn’t the case. The defenses of other teams in the losses were excellent against our lousy motion offense where players got bogged down and took “Hero Shots” because the clock was running out or no one else could get a decent shot. Other teams have good defenses for our offense. I think that contributes to the low assists in our losses.

Rebounding is another glaring thing that happens in losses. As reported today on BYUSN, the rebounding margins for wins is a +9 and for losses is a -1. A few more rebounds in the games lost may have resulted in a few more points turning those losses into wins. Our rebound basics have something left to be desired. Our players lose sight of their man when shots go up. We don’t block out very well and players on other teams that jump better get the rebounds or tip the ball away. Or, we just fumble rebounds out of bounds or to the other team.

If there is any selfishness, it’s that our players don’t work hard enough on the basics. Other teams seem to be fundamentally sound with basics and it shows in their defense and ability to run their motion offenses against us. As far as taking bad shots and trying to be a hero, I think Rose is looking for a scape goat for his inability to get players to improve their basics. I believe the players in question are simply trying to win a ball game and not for their own glory.

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Still trying to convince yourself of something other than what Rose, sportswriters and analysts have been saying is a problem with this team?

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We will come out and look like team Hawks tonight. But against a better defense from Pepperdine on Saturday the offense will again get bogged down and the number of assists will be lower and the number of turnovers will be higher. Not because of Hero Ball but because a better defense.

Because of that, we will have rebound better and the Kyles will have to shoot better. It is what it is. Rose wants to be the escape goat that’s his choice. I don’t buy it.

“This team, especially, how we share the ball with each other [is a real key] to watch because that’s what leads to winning.”

“Teamwork, or lack thereof, has become the theme for the 2015-16 Cougars, and has again been stressed in three practices this week after BYU had 10 assists against Pepperdine.”

“For me, as a point guard, it is a big responsibility, just to try to get in the lane and find somebody an open three, or a dump-down [pass] to a big man,” senior Kyle Collinsworth said. “So, there is that mindset, to get your teammate a shot, get your buddy a shot. When you start doing that, the ball comes back around to you and everybody ends up shooting just as much, if not more.”

Pepperdine’s defense was responsible for the low number of assists. That’s what they have to overcome.

Gonzaga -99 18 assists
Pepperdine - 73 10 assists

Portland - 87 17 assists
Pepperdine - 79 10 assists

Did I not point that out? What you refuse to do is open your mind up to other possible reasons for the high output assist games and the low output assist games. Your answer is always one dimensional, selfish players.
I recognize that Pepperdine was ready for our offensive schemes and bogged us down. That created the one on one play and players wanting to win to shoot bad shots. You act as if just working on team ball in practice will make a difference. It only will if we have different looks for those teams defenses.

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