Rudi Williams and what he can do for BYU

BYU is in dire need of a point/shooter to replace all american Barcello and a very good point in Lucas. Rudi seems to be a mix of both. I know nothing about his defense but he is a lifetime 45% from 3. That right there helps with losing Barcello. He is quick and durable inside and a very good passer. I doubt that he is as good as Lucas at getting to the rim but Williams is going to get by his defender, get to the rim and make that pass as seen by his highlights. He is a starter at the one or two. period.

Rudi’s style will compliment our new PG, Dallin Hall out of Fremont High. I am very high on Hall, to the point that I could see him starting before the end of the season as a true fr… Both Rudi and Dallin have similar styles so he will be a great mentor to Hall.

The word out there is BYU will be OK with Treore and Atiki in the 4/5 but we are looking for a ligit big man or at least one more forward to spell either of these guys.

I think the days of 3 point specialists are dead in college BB. They will have to also be great defenders or have one more skill then just to stand there for an open 3. Guys like Knell just become a liability. I am intrigued by Richie Saunders, true fr. I know he is a great outside shooter but don’t know about his D.

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Notice, this piece is written by Robby McCombs, every word is thoughtfully written down. If really does break down the mind of Pope and where he needs the team to be to dance and more importantly, the Big 12.

Chandler is going to anchor BYU for years if we can keep him at BYU post mission with NIL money. Fooz will also be BYU legend before he is through. Pope is also going to learn from this transfer year and be better