S.F. Giants win Division

An interesting fact about the S.F. Giants this season is that the 107 games they one is the most since 1904. Better than the years with great notable players like Mays, McCovey and the Bond’s. Great depth and coaching made it happen. Same with the Dodgers who had only one less win in the same division no less.

My dad took me to the game at candlestick Park to see those two guys on this SF Giants Game -
great memory

I was so glad the Giants won that game yesterday in a big way and clinch the home-field advantage.

Willie May was my favorite growing up.

When I was around 12, my dad was a bartender for a private club. SF head coach at the time was Herman Frank’s who lived in Ogden at the time and was a member of the private club.

One night my dad was telling Herman that his son loved some player named Willie something or another.

Herman said Willie Mays? My dad confirmed it was him.

Herman told my dad to bring me to the club next Saturday afternoon…

We showed up to the club, and in walked Willie Mays and Herman Frank’s.

Got a signed baseball from both Willie and Herman.

Great day for a young baseball player. :slightly_smiling_face:

Lucky guy! I’d go to Dodger-Giant games and hope Mays would come out after the game to sign things. But didn’t happen. I was the only kid in little league that played the outfield and basket caught fly balls.
A few years again, my son stopped by the Giants store in SF and bought me a plack with Willie’s picture, record and signature.

You guys live in the bay area? I live in San Rafael in Marin county northside of the Golden Gate Bridge. My grandfather was one of who put in the rebar‘s and concrete to the Golden Gate bridge

I’m in Southern California. Ventura area.

Great story Floyd! Those were the good old days. :grin:

And I’m still a Giant fan

The funny part was that my dad hated sports. He was more into mechanics.

The club where my dad worked was the place where the “Big 5” meeting was. The Big 5 was USU,Utah, BYU, Weber State and SUU head football coaches would meet together with the press all at the same time.

Crowton came in and refused to go to it any longer and have his own press conference. The rest followed suit. He also did away with the Saturday night KSL coaches call in show. Crowton was not the best selection in my opinion.

Boo, Humbug. Crowton.

Anyhow, Loved that Story, Floyd.
Isn’t it funny how we all played baseball growing up, when I moved to my first home in Orem, We not only had a Church men’s team, but a Women’s team as well as a coed team. I also played on two leagues, both hard ball and soft ball. Now church baseball is like the carrier pigeon.

I was never really good at baseball.
My coach would simply smile at me:
When I played catcher, I could throw out kids stealing base without really moving that much.
When I played center field, I could throw to home plate without a relay to throw runners out (did that to my best friend).
But to ask me to hit that stupid little white ball was near impossible! :rofl:

I really think kids today miss out on so much of “Life Lessons” by not being able to do the things we did as kids.

You know like:
Make sure your brakes on the bike works BEFORE going down a steep hill!
Watch out for mailboxes when playing street football!
You can only eat so many green apples before it bites you back!

My favorite besides playing team sports was getting together with all the neighbor kids and doing pick up games of basketball, football or baseball in our own yards.

Played neighborhood football from right after breakfast (early) till too dark to play on Saturdays. Legs like rubber on Monday (not Sunday). I was the fullback (big dumb kid) on our teams.

Same here.

I used to stay out and shoot baskets on the hoop hanging from the house on our driveway, at age 7 or 8 on, as late as my parents would let me. We also played smear the qu*** where the guy with the ball would run around the lawn while everyone else tried to tackle him and then after being tackled would throw the ball in the air and whomever caught it became the next “smearee”. I could get 3 or 4 kids hanging on to me and drag them around the grass lawn. Wiffleball in the street, and we made our own olympics with the 4 guys who lived across the street from me when I was like 12 or 13. Had a high jump pit, boxing gloves, etc.

What a carefree life I lived as a kid in the 70’s…

Oh yeah, how about that Dodger win?

I HATE the dodgers… They beat my Cardinals to proceed in the playoffs.

Speaking of which, does anyone else think that the playoff system is a bit weird?

That one game playoff should go away. The best 4 teams based on wins and losses play. Go Giants!

Smear the what? Good grief…Ojai people… Nordoff tonight at SP.

They should have gone back to the same format like it was before the pandemic and yes this format is stupid.

Starting tonight game how many games hi there in this Series?

Go Giants beat up the dodgers

One of the weaker Nordhoff teams in recent memory but they still beat Fillmore (who is supposed to be good) and Santa Paula (who is rarely good). Business as usual.