Sad to hear Eddie Van Halen passed at 65

There are Rock bands and then there are ROCK bands. RIP, EDDIE!

my favorite song would be a toss up between Panama and Right Now.


Never really listened to his music, but having family members pass because of cancer, I feel for his family and what they are going through.

anytime we lose a pioneer be it in science or the arts, it hurts because we don’t see many popping up to replace them. Music today is all mashup and paste with technology. Van Halen kept Rock rolling when all the world was turning artsy fartsy. What he did with a guitar was up there with Hendrix, Clapton, and Prince.

I don’t listen to their music when I’m chillin (more of a Pink Floyd, Steely Dan kinda guy) but I do marvel how genius is created at Eddie was all of that and more.

True, Legends can never be replaced if it is Van Halen or Hendrix etc.

I am more a Jazz guy, my favorite was Maynard Ferguson. He is the one playing the trumpet in the theme of the original Rocky movie. He is one of a few Trumpet players that could hit a triple high “C” and maintain it. Loved his music.

That is probably caused because I played the trumpet in high school, I liked Maynard and groups like Chicago.

I knew you had some redeeming qualities. Chicago is my favorite band. I patterned my drumming after Danny Seraphine. They tour near us every other year and I go as much as possible.