Sad, we could have won it all

60-32 final. That could have been us…

Is anyone else confused by this post?

What does 60-32 mean? Who could have won it all?

Chalk this up to just another strange and confusing post from the grasshopper.

Well, Valpo’s final point total in the championship game was 60, and George Washington’s first half point total was 32. Perhaps that is what it means?

I don’t get it. GW won 76-60. It was 32-31 at halftime with GW in the lead. Grasshopper will need to enlighten us.

On ESPN APP, it had last night 60-32 Val winning. Right now, I checked and it has GT winning 76-31. I was sick last night and didn’t watch. What was the score and who won?

SG: You ARE sick all right. Welcome to the off season, except for baseball and some Olympic sports. Aren’t we all sick sometimes. Hang in there Grasshopper.

Maybe SG computer was sick too which would be better.

I think grasshoppers computer is sick from the stuff he posts…

I hope the grasshopper is feeling better but I wouldn’t be upset if his computer caught some kind of virus, rendering it incapable of posting on cougarfan. :stuck_out_tongue:

I will always be that thorn in your conspiracy side but a friend always. I mean, who else is willing to sit through a BYU football game with you except your Dad :slight_smile: