Sagarin Rankings

So, while waiting for the top 25 rankings to come out, I thought I’d check the Sagarin computer rankings, and there’s BYU at #75. And Arizona at #57! What the heck?

Ratings don’t mean a thing until mid season. Zona was hype. Cal is too. P 12 was 1 of 7 in their bowls with Utah as the sole winner. Now the p 12 is like 3 wins out of 12 on the opener

Yeah, I know. Still fun to look at them. On the AP rankings, it’s been a while since we’ve seen this:

where do we sit this week?

On Sagarin, BYU at 61.

Arizona, 71; California 47; and Wisconsin, 14.

Sagarin is still way off.

Has BYU at 61

with Utah, BSU, Cal, Wisc. Wash, USU all ahead of them?

As of today, I would have only Wash solidly ahead of BYU. Maybe BSU but that’s it.

Agreed. There’s obviously some bias built into his algorithm–maybe deserved after last year.

Like I say, rankings don’t mean a thing until teams are about mid season in league games played.

I’d put our Cougs in the top 35 for sure, maybe top 25 by the end of the year.

Wow! I can’t believe how quickly you changed from realism to homer after just one game.

Top 35?

I’ll have to see a lot more from this team before I would ever say they are top 35. Even with the Wisconsin win, if we lose several more games, that would put us about where I think we are (middle of the pack for D1).

We have to show that we can win with a target on our back and scrutiny, now. Everyone (including most Cougar fans) were writing BYU off against Wisconsin. That won’t happen any more, plus teams have film on our loss and our two unexpected wins. It gets harder from here, and we have monkeys on our backs with Utah and Boise St. I also wouldn’t be surprised to choke away a game we should never lose (like UMASS last year).

OK, you got me…I’m a little juiced.

But live in the after glow for a minute. It’s been a fun week. Reality is BYU won with some trick plays and 2 big Canada runs.
This is a great read and it did get me to thinking that Wisc had to make some mistakes for us to pull off the win