Saint Marys part two

We are down to SMC for the dance and for seeding. Bennett played 6 guys in the pacific game last night. 3 got nearly all the minutes;
Kuhse the point and machine
Johnson, their shooter had 3 of their total 4 makes from 3land last night
Tass 8-10 is their other high volume shooter, not fast, either Harward or Haarms can handle either.
BYU is way better at 1-5 and just has to be patient til we get a lead, then pour it on with gasoline.

BYU just needs 70 points to win.

Outside of Kuhse, SMC is not as athletic as SF. They do have good size and shoot the ball well at times. SMC will follow SF protocol and take the air out of the ball and attack in the post when Haarms is out of the game. I see this as a coaching battle, as Bennett and Pope are upper tier coaches. I’m wondering about Knell and his status. BYU has way more depth and quickness than SMC, but taking the air out of the ball makes this a closer game than one might think. This is a very meaningful game for seeding in the tournament. Conference tournament games are generally discounted, unless you happen to win and get an automatic berth. BYU should do better in the TO department in this game and as always, it is crucial that Johnson, Harding and Knell contribute in this game

And that’s the thing. SMC is 6 deep and if we can wear them down in the 2nd half, we should be able to pull away. Of course, that is if we stop turning the ball over and have periods of time we don’t score.

If AB, Haarms, BA, and George have the same game they did at SMC with the addition of Lohner’s improvement it could be the worst beatdown SMC has this year…

yeah wishful thinking but they lost by 10 on their own court, and Pope’s boys, especially Lohner and George, are better now than they were then.

It would be nice to put enough of a crunch on SMC that the WCC tournament bracket will have them on the other side.

LMU is 7-5 in WCC if they lose to Gonzaga
SMC is 4-5
Pepperdine is 6-6

The best SMC can do is 5-5, they would still be a 4 or a 5 in the WCC. This is one year I would like to beat them 3 times.

Yeh probably wishful thinking-I see this as a tight game, despite Gaels woes this season. Hoping for a 19th win

I agree beating them three times would be nice:
beating them three times in any year would be good.
Just I think it would be a funner tourney game against SF or LMU as a precursor to the Bulldogs…SMC and Gonzaga are far more different than SF/LMU.