Saint Marys, what the win means and should be play in Vegas

1 The obvious: This SMC team is possibly the worse Bennett team in a decade. They have one ligit scorer, Logan Johnson. They have been brick layers all season long, their top 3 players shoot a paltry 25% from 3. Their Center would be equivalent to our Lee. They only reason they are a 500 team is Bennett, the master at slowing games down and mucking out a win.

2 I was pretty unhappy with our start, wrong players jacking up shots. Haarms and Harward took turns missing 2 foot layups. Do coaches not require squats anymore? Harward continues to foul, fumble more then he contributes. Haarms did record nearly a perfect 2nd half and really got a rhythm with Averette on pic and rolls. But how much is it Haarms and how much SMC and the fact that Bennett gasses his players out and never uses much bench?

not a fan of how we start games and the fact that in all BYU’s losses, we muddle around, let teams get big leads before we wake up.

3 KNELL was a killer out there. Just how do you scout BYU when the last 4 games we have had 4 different high scorers?

4 Why is it that Lohner can be all world one game and then go pretty much scoreless? O fouls, played the most minutes, 34, and shoots a total of 3 shots all night. If I were to criticize Pope, on last night, it would be-Feed the beast!. He needs more plays called his way.

5 George hitting 3s and beast mode on rebounds and put backs. He really could be something next year. Lohner has a NBA frame and getting glimpes his potential, strictly talking offense here. His D is already there. George on the other hand could also get to the Pro level, gonne be fun next year, real fun.

6 Haarms blocking 5, altering at least that many more, just killed anything SMC tried to do. Kuhse goes 3-13 for the night just on Haarms in his head.

7 what this game does for BYU’s seeding has more to do with other teams losing in that 5-8 group then BYU getting a bump. 3 teams, Wisc, Tenn and Miss all lost, opens the door a tad for BYU to get ranked in the AP. OK lost as well but OSU will blow on by BYU. Happy Duke lost, hope they don’t make the Dance and face BYU, that would not be good.

I don’t see how Duke makes the tournament-barely a 500 team and maybe North Carolina makes it after their win against FSU. It almost seems like BYU is playing better on the road. Do you know why Knell was absent in the SFU game? As of late he has been one of our most consistent 3 point shooters. I had great hopes for Harward earlier, but he has disappeared lately. All and all a good year for BYU basketball and would have been 2/2 for them making the tournament if not for Covid last year, so it is with optimism, we can look forward to the coming years as long as Pope stays in place

Actually, I do…Pope talked about him in the post game media. Pope said that Knell was, “letting things in his head get in the way”. Challenged him in the same way he worked on Lohner…Clear out the clutter and focus on what counts. Knell responded with his best game as did Lohner a few days ago. Coaches have to be phycologists. Dr. Pope!

Wreck! He as to think about one foot in front of the other. Both Harms and Harward should explode by now. They both have dribble gimmicks to get a clear shot as does Lee but at least Lee will hit his shot when he gets to his spot. BYU has no at the rim presence and Harward can’t run a pic and roll. Not good.

Duke has NC and GT, both Dance teams and both on the road…then ACC Tourney…plenty of time to pile up wins. Louisville lost at home was a disaster, They will ruin at higher seeds chances in the dance if they get in. so would MSU or NC for that matter…Any blueblood would ruin a MTN or ACC team’s dreams just because they would 100% laser focus in the dance.

Have you noticed Harward wearing those leg huggies? I think he has something physical going on that slows him down.