@San Diego , scouting

San Diego lost a heart breaker at Pepperdine on Sat… We get to play them at their place tonight where SDU is 11-1 on the season. They are tough because of 4 senior starters.
Pineiro 6-7" leads the team 19ppg and 9rebs
Carter 6’3 16ppg
Wright 6’2 14ppg and 5 assists
Williams 6’5 9ppg 4 assists.
SD shots 3s about at about a 35% rate 34% of all possessions. All 4 starters shoot close to 80% FTs, and that is the difference in the game and why they are 66% chance of beating BYU

BYU does not have a single Sr. who starts. We shoot poorly on the road, Baxter and Childs drag our FT% way down. We have lost every road game in the WCC against contenders.

X facter-Baxter and Emery were not playing much when we played SMC and SF earlier. Lets hope that is the difference. Go cougs.

Fish - You don’t sound optimistic. What’s your prediction?

Building on what you said about GBax and Emery, I’ll go BYU 63-58.

First team to 80 points wins this one

If BYU can hold them under 70, BYU wins. I say no…SD 78-72

San Diego won by 13 points at San Diego last year, didn’t they? I don’t see us being any better this year than last. I think we will lose by 10 or more, but I hope not!

I’m going with Fish on this one. When we play these good 3 point shooting teams on the road, all it takes is for us to fall behind by 8-10 and we—a TERRIBLE three point shooting team—start jacking up all manner of bad treys; next thing you know we are down 15-20 and it’s goodnight Cougars. Rose doesn’t seem to hold anyone accountable for shot selection, and that doesn’t look so smart with the guys we have this year.

No brainer-SD wins😉 and BYU possibly loses 3 in a row, but hope they win 3

If BYU stays close then they have a chance. If they get down by 10 or more then I don’t think they can come back. BYU has 3 conference losses and they were blown out in all 3. That doesn’t bode well for them when they get behind. Like Larimer said, when BYU gets behind they panic and start shooting wild 3’s and it’s game over. I don’t like that strategy but when they get behind they go into panic mode.

San Diego is interesting in that they play a lot of close games. 4 of their last 5 games were decided by 4 pts or less.They have a couple nice P5 wins and a few close losses. Should be a great game tonight. Is Hardnett playing? His ballhandling and spunk off the bench is helpful.

I’m still predicting a narrow BYU win in spite of all you prophets of doom out there.

Lol, I guess I am not one of those prophets of doom. I don’t predict when BYU BB comes to not so great season team. I do hope they play their game the right way like play Baxter to some 22 minutes or more then we have a chance. Even if Baxter doesn’t score well but he can play defense well in all areas - Reb, Block Shot, Steel and including Offense Reb.

Not predicting doom and gloom, Actually with Emery playing with confidence and a emerging Baxter, I am interested in how this game plays out. We are certainly more diversified and much harder to defense then when we played SMC and SF on the road. For one thing, We started Worthington, Harding and I think hardnett in those games, Now very different

The problem hasn’t been shot selection. Our shots are mostly wide open shots. We just don’t make them.
I think right now our defense is doing well and the rotation is down to eight. If needed a couple more. That may give a good chance tonight

Hardnett is doubtful for tonight. Maybe Saturday.

Baxter got in 20 minutes and was a complete bust…SDU just had his man stay FAR from the basket. That is how you neutralize a shot blocker. BYU should just got zone defense on SDU next go around…or teach Baxter how to defend away from the rim. baby steps. BYU should absolutely play zone the entire game against LMU and dare them to make a 3. LMU gets all of their points in the paint and from the FT line. Smart defense and we win another on the road.

Yeah Baxter had a bad night which we knew one of those games going to happen. Don’t feel bad Gavin, just get better but expect to have a bad game again. Your learn with “Trials and Errors.” Yeah Hopper will say he needs to PRACTICE (whatever). I say he needs to do both “practice and play live games” to develop as going foward! But again, he needs to play over 20 minutes every games.