San Fransisco, best win of the year so far. keys to the win

1 BYU started the game slooooow. 6:15 passed before BYU got to 4 points. These slow starts are killing us almost 10 minutes into the game before George makes the game 7-10

2 Jay Billius called Barcello, " The best pure shooter in America". He’s playing pro somewhere, fact! Those pic. threes are a thing of beauty. Dude is sooo consistent that we don’t talk about him enough.
Rare talent that can go get a shot any time he chooses. 35 minutes and Pope rode that horse til he got every last point.

  1. Pope said Traore was so good he doesn’t know it. That Poster dunk says Foos knows he’s good, Pushing double doubles says he’s that good. 30 minutes says he’s as valuable as Barcello out there
    at 6-6, he should be a 4 but he flat out plays the 5 like he was born to it.

4 Let’s all mutter a “Halalooya” Lohner has put two games together. As Tom was saying," Lohner quit thinking and just started playin". When Lohner is not getting into foul trouble and just lets his talent shine, He does have NBA skills. Shine on, Dude. Those sick boards may have dipped a little (Foos) but your offense is catching up to your rebounding.

5 BYU just shot close to that 40% from 3 for the 2nd time in two road games, HUGE!!!

6 We just shut down SF’s 3 point shooting, like ICED 'EM! 3-23. We did the same to SMC 4-23.
BYU has NEVER guarded long distance balls like we are seeing, ever!

7 Lucas make BYU dangerous. He had an average night stat wise with 3 TO’s but to go 6-6 from FT, with the game on the line. He won that game.

8 Atiki got 2 blocks, as did Foos., Atiki is finally getting the hang of the game, Great news, as we desperately need him so come in and give Foos rest. You will know Atiki was arrived when we see Foos and Atiki on the court at the same time.

9 Knight would get more time if he wasn’t such a TO machine. He has such a high motor.

10 Goerge hit 2 big 3s, timely shots he still takes too many shots for my liking but is a key defender when Lohner is out

11 BYU, with Wins over SF and SMC are now in the drivers seat for #2 in the WCC. We need that elusive road win over SMC to seal the deal.

We need to just win tomorrow. SD has their two best players back from injury. Can’t assume anything this year.

AB and Te’jon are both fantastic on-ball defenders. SOOOO fun to watch them play. It is the first time EVER BYU has had two PGs over 6’ who can play knee-to-knee on the perimeter and have the strength and quickness to keep their guy from driving the paint. Not to mention George, Seneca and Johnson, maybe the best defensive trio of wings we have ever had.

Obviously we were no match for GU because the size and talent gap is just too massive, but against most any other team we can be competitive because of our ability to defend the 3.

AB and Te’jon will be sorely missed. They are both special players.

We are currently 16th in the country in 3 point D (opp making 27.6%), and just 1% from being top 7 (Iowa State opp making 26.7%). And that is against one of the toughest schedules in the country so far (40/358). Pope knows exactly what he is doing.

It’s too bad we have to play these crappy teams going forward

Let’s hope we can beat these crappy teams. Pope doesn’t seem to think they are and is not taking them lightly after the UVU debacle.

Preach brotha, that defensive 3 has never happened at BYU in a 100 years. We Shut down a top 10 shooting from long distance team, just smothered them, Rose’s teams would of had 20+ threes in that same game.
Went back a looked at Atiki/Foos work in the SF game. Our diaper dandies made the efferent SF big men look very average. These guys are the most improved players anywhere in D1