Santa clara game

Fousse won’t be anything but a post player if he doesn’t develop an outside shot. Barkley could shoot inside and outside. And Barkley played excellent defense.
Atiki with his length can play post. He’s just too raw and needs time to improve. I noticed Pope was playing both Atiki and Fousse at the same time. Some high low action.
Waterman is a Junior. 6’11” and 210 pounds :-/~
It says Johnson is a Junior too? I thought he was a senior with George. Young team.

I wouldn’t change a word of what you said. I will say that Pope lost his team somewhere around that 4th WCC game. I don’t know why Pope does not turn Williams lose. He can score, we suffer from scoring.

The recruiting has been trending down and these transfers are under performing. I also agree that we need to give Pope another couple of years. He missed on some game changer recruits but then NIL guarantees that you never have a player in the bag until he show up on campus. We also have terrible player leadership. Curious George and Williams will be gone next season. (for the record, George is an OUTSTANDING MAN, who is doing big things for his native countrymen with his shoe drives) but George as a player leader is not the man, some guys are just not cut out to lead.

We have some players in the wings, we will see what shakes out but for now. I am taped out as for recording games and getting the group together to party and watch a good BYU game.