Sarkisian has been fired

That didn’t take long. Now BYU can fire Anae and hire Sarkisian and baptize him! Start fresh in life and football.

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First… Bronco Loves Anae… no firing in the near future…
second… Sark has a long road ahead of him… won’t be in the next few years he can be back to coaching (and solved his drinking issues).

No. Forget all that. What we want is for Damien Mama and friends to do what Kaveinga and Fangupo did last time UCS did a face plant and transfer to BYU!!!

He can come back anytime he wants when someone wants to hire him.

you obviously don’t understand the affects of being an alcoholic and BYU standards…

I understand just fine. If someone wants to take a chance, needs an OC and is willing to work with him, he will be back. I never said at BYU.