Saving College Sports

I have not posted for a while. Just something got me riled up enough to post again.

I just read Jay Bilas’ Opus about fixing college sports. One of the plans he calls for is to end amateurism in college.

I do not agree. First of all, it comes with the assumption that the primary purpose of college sports is to be a farm system for Professional sports. This, I believe is the root of the problem.

The NBA and NFL, if they want a farm system, should have one. And yes, I am saying that the G-League is a joke. They don’t pay their players a living wage.

In baseball, the players in the minors are paid enough to where baseball can be their focus.

The real first step in fixing the NCAA is for the NBA to use the G-League as a real development system, so that it is a good alternative to players who do not wish to go to college, like baseball. And for the NFL to develop a farm system.

Stop forcing colleges in the US to pay for development of your talent.

What do you think?

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