SC game not going well

Defense is not stopping them. Shooting not good. KC in foul trouble. Missing layups. Wee have to clean a lot up.

3 point shooting. They are great we suck. That has to change. And we have to make our layups. FT shooting has to get better. Winder looks lost.

Thankfully the refs are bailing us out by giving us so many free throws…oh wait, that can’t be right…

Don’t like where we are.

Don’t worry, Haws is clutch from the line

Told you, dude is clutch

Haws redeems himself.

Big shot, big and very important game.

I will back off my earlier comments for the time being.

That is what an all time leading scorer needs to do in an important game when it is on the line.

I’m just glad they were tied and not down by one… :slight_smile:


Why do we make other team’s players all world?

Yes he did. :slight_smile:

If haws keeps this up, he will go down with the legends of BYU basketball. Great game son.

are you talking about Brownridge?

I knew he would cool off in the second half, but you just can’t leave a player. who is hot, wide open like that. It was nice to see Haws keep his head when the rest of the team was folding up like a tent at the end.

Good for Tyler.

The other guard too was hot. Ya, Portland won’t be easy either. They are playing great peaking at the right time.

Agreed that they won’t necessarily be easy, but peaking at the right time? You realize that this was their first win in five games? They lost four straight games heading into the tournament.


You caught SG in another uninformed, ill advised post.

Can you prove they are not peaking? Do you have faxes or emails?


17 point victory over St Mary’s.

It’s the famous “one game peak” that SG is so fond of referring to. The 5 game losing streak was the big valley they travelled through before getting to the “peak”.

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