Scott is right about the weave, it is intented to gradually suck the defensei in as the passer gradually move toward the key, BYU's weave doesn't progress inward. Why don't we see move skip passes as per Frank Arnold's creative introduction

Scott is right about the weave, it is intented to gradually suck the defensei in as the passer gradually move toward the key, BYU’s weave doesn’t progress inward. Why don’t we see move skip passes as per Frank Arnold’s creative introduction

That’s all fine and dandy… but listening to the pregame on KSL is basically making all of my points, as I have outlined them on this board during the course of the season.

Even the players are admitting that their selfish play, weak team defense and other things I have mentioned are KEY to getting better.

They also acknowledged the TEAM play of St. Mary’s and the balanced scoring, passing and team defense are what keep them winning games. If BYU had been playing the same type of basketball, they would be a top 20 team. They have the talent…

One other thing I have to add is that Randy Bennett absolutely out coached Dave Rose in this game… it wasn’t even close.

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Blah blah… Just make your shots

Bennett over time has proved he is the 2nd best coach in the WCC.

How you can take 5 new starters and be 13-1 is a statement.

Coaching includes recruiting so I’d say third behind Few and Rose

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Half of the St. Mary’s team is from Australia… maybe Aussies are just more coachable and have learned how to play team basketball… something that has become a lost art in this country.

Just watch the nba guys go at it…

So Bennett is going halfway around the world to recruit players and Rose basically goes halfway across Utah Valley… well, okay I guess that puts him ahead… :grimacing:

Are you 100% absolutely positive that players learn team play more so in Australia than Utah? The only difference between BYU and SM is like you said, they have a much better offense and execution of it.

Of course we all know Utah Mormons are much more selfish. The Fischer! :neutral_face: oops! He’s not from Utah nor a Mormon… :wink:

Nope… but he was Mr. Basketball in West Virginia, right?

and now he wants to be Mr. Basketball on BYU’s team… we have too many Mr. Basketball’s, that is the problem.

How do you know that? You have any statements, faxes, emails, tweets suggesting he believes he is? Once again, you believe you have godly abilities to know the heart and mind of people.
I certainly would like to have all-world talent like Kentucky, Duke and others. In fact, you sound envious of SM having Austrailans and Gonzaga having Europeans…
So, what do you want?

I thought Few recruit Canadians

Why? How many Canadian members play basketball at a high degree of talent?