SCOTUS overturns Roe

They did it! SCOTUS overturns Roe v Wade. What will this mean? Will it stop killing babies in the womb? I don’t think so. It will give pause to some doctors though. That’s what it was about in the first place.
The 1973 decision had no basis as there is nothing in the Constitution about abortion or the privacy of women. It was a decision which started the judicial activism and legislation from the bench. That’s been reversed and perhaps lower courts will now judge based on laws made by the state legislatures and propositions.

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I was pleased that Roberts, at least gave a qualified endorsement to the ruling.

Abortion rights is something that has always been a part of the Democrat platform and as a party they have moved from the position that it is something that should be safe, legal, and rare to a position that there should not be any restrictions on it.

The arguments of the pro-abortion crowd are full of lies, red herrings, and straw man arguments. Have an argument with a pro-abortion person sometime and every one of them resorts to the same talking points without fail. They will always bring up the issue of rape, incest, and the health of the mother to justify abortion. The fact is that the vast majority of abortions are performed for the purpose of birth control and that is what most pro-life people object to.
If abortion as a means of birth control was eliminated well over 90% of abortions would cease and abortion clinics would be out of business.

The United States has had among the most liberal abortion laws in the world. More liberal that nearly all of Europe and all this ruling does is return the issue to the states where it belongs. If a woman lives in a state where the laws are restrictive then travel to a state where it is less restrictive or move there.

I’m all for pro-choice. You have a right to choose to keep your pants on and after that you can’t choose the consequences.

It is instructive that the same people who have no regard for the life of the unborn will become violent when their means to kill is restricted by law.

The thirst for blood is staggering. Already corporations are going to assist employees to get abortions. Maybe it’s cheaper for them than maternity leaves and stuff like that. Organizations are popping up to fly people to killing field states. Where has the hatred for children come from?

It came from the Devil.

The real question is where has the disdain for human life come from? As a society we no longer value the life of a human being. The anger and hate over this decision is evidence of the same. As our former values continue to disappear, things will only get worse. It’s sad to see.

It’s been around for decades. A lot of this is the old push for population control. Margaret Sanger started it a hundred years ago against blacks. By the time the 60’s came along, it was a war against all races killing the planet. And, 1973 came along with that in mind. The thing is, it wasn’t about abortion on demand for birth control or for a right to choose. It was to protect the physicians and was supposed to be used sparingly. Now, 20% of pregnancies in doctor assisted abortions. Yet, 60% of abortions are said to be done by a pill now.

I not so sure the lust for abortion comes from a hatred for children. That may play into it to a degree. I think it comes more from a love for sex without responsibility or consequences. Most women who get abortions behaved irresponsibily and then didn’t want to face the consequences of an unwanted pregnancy. I would speculate that in most cases they were pushed by their male partner who was also irresponsible and not wanting to face the consequences of his actions.

The whole my body/my choice argument is a sham and always has been a sham and any person with any critical thinking skills should see right through it. Women do carry the baby in their wombs but it didn’t happen without a partner and each parent should have an equal voice in a decision concerning their child. Any man who buys into the my body/my choice argument hasn’t given the argument much thought, or he is a liar who finds the argument a convenient cop out to taking any responsibility.

People do make mistakes and can repent. It a woman doesn’t want to keep her baby how about the novel idea of adoption? I have never tried to adopt but it is my understanding that it is not an easy process. Perhaps the process should be simplified so people can more easily adopt provided they are capable ot raising children. . .

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“my body/my choice” comes into play when a woman keeps her pants on or keeps her legs together. The result of intercourse is how we humans reproduce. Once there is a baby in the womb, the choice to abort is no longer the woman’s right. It is the right of the larger moral, critical thinking society, which we no longer have in the USA.

Yep!!! It sure is!