Scouting Arizona State, at BYU

I am too busy to do my usual report, someone else on this board can have the honors. I see that Vegas has ASU is a 2-2.5 favorite. ESPN has BYU a 53% likely win.

I do know that ASU has a very mobile QB, J Daniels, Jr. Will run a lot if flushed.

I’ll take Hall and BYU at home.

ASU is dangerous. Their QB is every bit as athletic as Hall is. I think that given the Utah win and the ability of BYU to get over confident quicker than any team in the country we are at huge risk of losing this game. If BYU pulls out a win, it will mean really good things are in store for our FB program this season. But this is a trap game with a very good ASU team.

Hopefully they see us as a trap game. Or maybe not and they will be over confident. It, maybe the best team will win…

It looks like a toss up. Vegas has ASU as a slight favorite. ESPN favors BYU. ASU hasn’t played anybody good yet so this will probably be the week we know if they are as good as advertised.

I have always thought it takes about 4 games to really know if your team is good or not. By then you have a better idea how good your opposition has been.

ASU is very good and should be ranked higher than UCLA. We have to play aggressive and up our game even more…Don’t make stupid penalties…

I agree about the ASU QB. Not only mobile but also a very accurate and careful passer (about 60% completions with career 24/4 TD/INT). In 2019 he threw for 408 yards to beat #8 Oregon. The kid is truly a “dual” threat and not just a fast guy who plays QB. ASU’s primary RB also seems very capable. Career 7ypc on 81 for 568. I think they will want to run the ball and will be able to if we retreat into our soft 3-8 zone.

Against two completely overmatched teams (FCS SUU and “should be FCS” UNLV), ASU has committed 20 penalties for over 200 yards. So they have been VERY undisciplined so far and that should cut in favor of BYU.

Almost every BYU loss the last few years involved BYU playing a soft zone and an opposing team gouging us with short passes and runs and converting short 3rd downs (it makes me want to cry just THINKING about CCU destroying our D last year just running the ball and us lacking the courage to test their QB). Daniels can beat us throwing (see 2019 Oregon game), but I think our best bet is to challenge him to do just that.

It’s mostly a guess but I expect ASU’s offense to be better than Utah’s, their D to be comparable, and another tight game, albeit higher scoring.

“Don’t make stupid penalties…”
I so agree with you. What is with following an opposing player out of bounds to hit him??? That is just stupid, especially if the same thing happened just minutes earlier. And WHY take your helmet off after a tremendous play, but while you are still on the field?? BYU has got to stop these HS football level penalties. I understand emotions get high and, yes, some of those were from undetected opposition penalties that should have been called, but weren’t. We can and should do better. GO COUGARS!

I was thinking of the movement penalty at their 5 yardline and kicking a field goal instead of a touchdown.
When I watch the helmet penalty, he’s on the sideline isn’t he?

They never explain these seldom heard of penalties. Maybe we need to quit looking guilty…