Scouting Az St. in Vegas

Notice, I said Vegas. This is a neutral court for both teams, very important. The reason why?
BYU shoots 3s 37% of the time. Pomeroy has the point differential at 6 points if you are home vs. on the road for one reason, It’s not so much the home crowd but depth perception on long shots. For a team like BYU, I would wager, the difference is closer to 10 pts. Az St shoots 3s 29% of the time.

  1. ASU has height but they score with guards and small forwards - advantage BYU, mark it down, BYU will struggle when we play tall teams that can score inside. This ASU does not get much out of their big men.
    When BYU is on defense, we are ranked 19th in the country, BYU is down right stingy, While I think it is the competition so far (SDSU has always been low scoring, defensively minded). Pope has to be grinning with our new found D.

ASU will get most of their points from 6’5 Perez, 6’1 Collins, and 6’6 Neal, all upper classmen. BYU is built to cover guys like this.

  1. on Offense, BYU is tearing it up, scoring at a blistering 59% of the time to ASU’s 42%.
    Huge advantage BYU.

3-Bench, advantage BYU. We go a solid 9 deep, ASU goes 7 deep and really rides on 5 main guys.

4- ASU should of lost to UMass Lowell, but UMass L gave the win away in the end.
5- At the beginning I said, BYU may have trouble shooting away from the Marriott. ASU has not played away from home either, I’ll say ASU finally gets the advantage here as they don’t shoot many long shots.

Vegas has BYU a 64 % favorite with a score of 71-68
Pomeroy has is also a 61% win with a score of 73-67 ASU

I like the score of Pomeroy a little better.

Is ASU a slow down team like SDSU? If not, I think we hit a lot of 3’s and easy layups (If Johnson can make a layup :-/~) BYU 83 - ASU 69

What day and time is game and network?

Just found it. 10:30 tomorrow night

9:00 pm PST

Thanks hopper

ASU has some players. Their big man is out and I don’t think the other guys can handle Fouss. That means he scores 16+ in the paint, or they double him and he kicks out for 3s. He has been MUCH better so far this year about not holding the ball so long and turning it over.

ASU is also a poor shooting team. Our defense will give them fits.

BYU 75-62.

Well, weird game in the 1st half. BYU better shoot a lot better in the 2nd half. I don’t think ASU will continue to shoot poorly.

What was I worried about? BYU shot lights out in vegas. More please!

Gonna need it for the NCSt game.