Scouting Baylor at LES

It all starts with the QB, Shapen, Sophmore. Since BYU and Baylor played simular talent ( Albany is probably not as good as USF) Both teams scored at will. But there is a reason why this kid started as a Fr. over a 4 yr senior. He is that good and can scramble. He out gunned BYU’s Hall 81% completion to Hall’s 76%.
QB rating of 207 to Hall’s 161. So to me this is a Push

Receivers, Baylor had all new guys this year with exception of their TE, Sims, Veteran, led all receivers. BYU has two studs in Nacua and Romney, if they play. advantage BYU

At running back, Baylor has the #3 rated Oline, BYU #5 nationally. Baylor sucked at running the ball in the 1st half-50yds on 13 carries. But made up for it in the 2nd with 216 yds on 26 carries. To me this is a Push.

Baylor has a young backfield on D. BYU has its best DBs in decades. Baylor completely stuffed Albany’s run game and to me, this game will be decided on how each Dline plays. If BYU can slow down Baylor’s run game, something we did not do last year. BYU comes out on top.
Defense, advantage Baylor

Special teams…Baylor gave up some but BYU had some real blunders.

How about a score of 28-23 BYU.
what say you?

Here is my prediction. If BYU defense doesn’t allow a Baylor TD or a field goal on the first Baylor possession AND BYU scores a touchdown on their first possession then BYU wins this game. Probably by 10.

If things go the other way around BYU loses by 14.

BYU: 45
Baylor: 24

Not going to be much different than Herr Hopper - byu 38 Bears 17. BYU defense is not beat up yet (might be AFTER this game). Huge statement game. (until Oregon, then ND, then Arkansas then…)

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Found this article:
Baylor vs BYU Prediction, Game Preview (

Look at their prediction… I was a bit surprised.

I will go with their prediction.

So Floyd is predicting a BYU loss.

Come on Floyd, with a prediction that close, you could have easily reversed the scores and said BYU - 27 Baylor - 24.

I am going with BYU 31 and Baylor 24. It is time for BYU to live up to the hype, especially on their home field and in LES.

Until Utuaki proves he can be a good DC by doing something other than the drop 8, I will keep my prediction.

I will never get to see games on TV because of my eyesights. That Last week game against USF did we drop 8 players during The entire game? Mostly …… Fewest???

I will no longer want to predict games whern comes to BYU football

With both Nacua and Romney sitting out this game, I don’t know how we’re going to replace their office

Is that what you hear? I thought Nacua’s injury wasn’t bad. That he could have continued to play? Oh well. Does Baylor have any stars out too?

Not too far off Chris. One more uptick on the respectability score for you.

I think there will be more scoring. Although, Oregon struggled against a great defense. Our defense will be the key to the game because we will score a lot.
BYU 48. Oregon 24

ya have to admit, Tui did what we thought was impossible…he was aggressive on D. 4 sacks, wowza.
With all that speed in the secondary, maybe he thinks we can take more chances

I was impressed with the front seven against the rush, but I am still not convinced for the long ball…

I think it will be a close game. Let’s say BYU 31 Quackers 23.

I am. This group is way better than what we have had in the past. Injuries can change this. But, BYU should be able to stay with anyone this year except maybe Georgia.

Outside of the coach speak about how improved the CB’s are, what have they done in the past two games that demonstrate they can keep up with the long pass?

In the first game, they got roasted twice during the second half.

1st game is your answer. Against a much better Baylor, the DBs were great. But do tell us why you think our DBs are so bad?

The fact that Baylor had several Receivers getting between 7-12 yards a catch and then Baylor went almost all “Run the ball” in the second half and Shippen did not complete a over the top pass the entire game, I am not sure how you could say the CB’s were “better”?

Statistics does not backup your comment, nor does the fact that Oregon is a passing offense where Baylor is a smash mouth offense.

You agreed with me by noting no over the top passes the entire game. There were short passes completed but they didn’t hurt us and his pass completions weren’t all that great. Our CBs made Baylor have to try and run the ball and that didn’t work this year. Try to look at the Jim Hawks “Big Picture.”