Scouting Belmont

These guys are ranked 118, BYU in the 50s. We are at home, they are on the road and it is cold, foreign rims, smallest crowd of the season. Plenty of variables.

Evan Bradds is their scorer (21 PPG) top rebounder with 8 RPG and can shoot 3s (60% rate) but he is 6’7, 205 lb beanpole. now for the bad news…he hits 44% from the FT.

Austin Luke is their PG, a 6’3 Soph. at 8 APG. 8 PPG.

Craig Bradshaw is a 6’3 Senior 15PPG, solid go to guy that shots 3s at a solid 41%. Good assist guy. Dangerous

Egekeze is their center. 6’8, 80% FT, 12 PPG…

Their 3rd guard is 6’3, loves the 3, averages 9 PPG.

BYU will have to play zone defense to cover the 3s but on second thought, Belmont is mostly white so maybe we some play man???. This Belmont team is smallish, mobile and just the kind of team that gives BYU fits to defend. If they can hit their 3s BYU will have a long night.

On the other hand, they will not be able to stop Davis or Kaufusi down low and KC will get to the rim or dish to a wide open guard. BYU should be able to score at will while Belmont will have a tough time getting open looks (on paper)

X Facter- if Fischer hits some 3s, BYU rolls. He has been pathetic so he is due.

BYU gets to 80 first and wins by 8.

This looks like something I would have written two weeks ago.

Today, it simply looks a bit too optimistic. I’ve rarely heard Coach Rose as disappointed as he has with this team. It is young, but…well if what you wrote works out I’ll cheer but I don’t expect it at this point.

Unless of course, the three’s finally start dropping.

Fischer can run the floor but he better not shoot any. Any sloppy passes then he goes to the bench.

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I hear that they are really good. They have their starters back and did make the dance last year. They have played well this year too.