Scouting Colorado versus BYU

Colorado is a senior and junior Ladin team. Precisely the kind of team that cause BYU fits. If Byu can pull off a win it will be a change in the way Byu has been playing games and it will also be because Byu has hit it three point shots at home

Huh??? Not sure what you meant. Watching the first half, started out well. Mika not so much. Beo played a lot and got a charge and that’s about it. Emery and Haws doing okay. Childs has been great.

BYU out played Colo. the first half but only has a 2 point lead. Reason? We missed some easy short shots. Especially Mika. He seems a bit slow tonight. Emery shooting well. Gave it to Rose to shoot near the end when he should have taken the shot. Rose does shoot well from that corner.
Beo? Can’t create anything. The other guard that threw the pass at the feet of Childs, no. Where is Guinn? Beo got his chance.

Looked like they were going to choke another second half away, but they pulled it together. Nice win tonight. Is this the first time this season that the opposing team didn’t score more points in the second half than the first?

BYU out defended them especially at guard seven of 29 from three is pathetic. Colorado hit 80% of their free throws which is way above normal for them and Byu hit 47% of their three-point shots which is where I hoping they would be at home

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In another thread you said something correct. How do I know you are just chucking darts at a board while blindfolded? Because you don’t get it. What an ignorant comment. What do you think the biggest reason Haws and Emery had good games at the same time, in the same game, for the first time this season really. Why?

Put on the blindfold and throw another dart, because you obviously don’t see the target and who knows what you will hit this time?

Why do you think Haws threw Beo to the floor in the blue/white game? Haws KNOWS he should be on the court too and he plays better when he is. Geez, the whole TEAM plays better when Beo is on the court. That was clearly evident. Try to watch more than one player at a time. Try to see and understand why the team plays well when they are.

thawk is teaching you guys, take notes.

Beo is better with more talent than Haws? Okay, now we know you have lost it…
Beo cannot create his own shot. Did he pass good? Yes. Haws showed what he’s capable of against a very good Colorado defense. Beo, 1-3. Made a 3 and should have taken another 3 but passed it to Mika who dribbled it off his legs.
He can be a spot up shooter. But he will never get to the rim and very few times in the lane.


Thanks again for showing your very limited understanding. I said take notes. If you spent any amount of time reading what thawk wrote you would understand but you can’t or won’t do it.

It has nothing to do with one player having more talent or being better than another. It has nothing to do with creating a shot. It has nothing to do with one player being a better passer than another or not.

Your reply did nothing more than try to compare the skills of one player against those of a teammate. That proves to me that you don’t understand what happened or what is going on out there a lot of time. Your analysis is very superficial. You don’t understand how a team plays or how a team gets better or how team basketball even works. I guess some people think the game is 5 guys doing their own thing.

Wow :fearful: and all this time I thought you knew more. :dizzy_face:

I coached high school basketball for 10 years. Perhapse it’s the you and other arm chair coaches (QBs too) that don’t understand. Like Kentucky and UCLA you want 5 people on the floor that can take the ball to the basket when needed. Beo can’t do that. He’s a one talent player, outside shooting. And, the defense ran the same when Rose was in too.