Scouting East Carolina Pirates

Last week I said that Liberty would torch BYU, or did I say Flame, can’t remember.

This week East Carolina pirates plan to plunder and pillage

Weekly predictions: BYU needs a defense it doesn’t have to beat East Carolina (

Much better QB, faster RB and their best WR has double our best, Epps and Epps is out for this game.
Rather than say, “BYU needs a defense it doesn’t have”, the heading should say, “BYU needs a DC it doesn’t have”

No doubt ECU is high octane. BYU is on fumes. big advantage ECU
BYU O has not played well since Hall injured his shoulder, Hmmmmmm??? I confess, have not bothered to see what ECU has. Even
Playing at Home, Big Advantage BYU. but can BYU score 40?
If we do, we win.
Do we really care at this point other than to see what Sitake can do with the D and long term, who we get at DC?

This was my post BEFORE the Liberty game:
“Against overall very poor competition, both Liberty QBs complete under 55% of their passes. That’s really bad for D1. Like really bad. Of course, BYU’s specialty is allowing QBs to have career games. If we keep dropping 7 and 8 on first and second down, they will gash us rushing (like everyone does). The way to beat this team is when BYU is on defense to aggressively run blitz on first and second down and straight up dare them to beat you passing.”

I said it. Kalani dropped 7 and 8 almost every play. Plus with two high safeties we played the entire game 9 vs 11. Liberty SLAUGHTERED us in every way.

Kalani still seems convinced that “execution” or “different players” will “fix” the fact that BYU has arguably the single worst defense in all of D1 (see stats in Harmon’s article today). Wrong. IMHO, the only way to change this at this point is DRASTIC changes–go back to Bronco’s blitzing D, where the rare plays are when we DON’T bring pressure.

I think our offense will be much better than last week (it couldn’t be worse), but the defense will be only marginally better, still not forcing the opposing QB to play off balance.

ECU 38-BYU 24.

I still think the team has quit - for whatever reason. ECU 41 and BYU 17.

If, per chance, BYU coaches call an aggressive game and ALL the players on the field play aggressively (and are sat down if they play half as##d), BYU can win.

A made BYU FG? I hope you’re right

Brooks is out with an injury too. We will see how the players respond and if the coaching has improved the situation.

It is so hard to watch BYU play right now. I remember at eh beginning of the season when everyone was making predictions that 10-2 would be a ridiculously great season, 9-3 would be very good and exceed expectations. I thought 8-4 would be a successful season and perhaps more like what we could expect. I said 7-5 would be disappointing but at least winning season. If they finished 6-6 that would be a bummer.

What is left at this point? Three games remaining and in the beginning and even after the first few games I thought all three were very winnable, certainly Utah tech. At this point I am feeling uncertain about that game and forget the other two. BYU will lose to very average BSU and Stanford teams.

Final record 5-7. It certainly can’t be 4-8, right? Hard to believe this team beat Baylor.