Scouting Gonzaga-here we go

well…you did not get that sight to see.

Haws, the scoring phenom was there in all his glory, I watched for years as Lone Peak just wreaking teams and it didn’t matter who they played a crossed the nation, no doubt he is a special player who was serving the Lord not 8 months ago and is now popping out 30 point games, but in the rich tradition of the Haws clan never played a lick of D. Very sad to me, Marty was great a defense as I remember but Tyler and TJ…forget about it.

Jim, loved your one liners, seriously, keep them coming. At this point all we can do is laugh…right?

Coach Rose at this point has to be saying, “you just played the #1 team in the nation point for point for 35 minutes of a 40 min game” These kids know in their hearts that they can play with anyone IF they stay in front of their guy.

Emery is a Foo Fighter (I mean Flu). Terrible game, very sick

FYI- go easy on Mika, I was in awe that he could keep his composure with Karnowski leaning and throwing those big arms at him all night…backed up by 2 other 7 footers. Mika is special. He will be back next year because his TO rate is atrocious and his jumper needs work. Mika got 4 fouls on every single big out there, Childs did his damage too, but Mika changes college games, he is that good.

Glenn, You had to of coached at some point, love your posts…Funny thing about Actual and Potential…Haws is a special player, Fr simply do not do what he does and to have spent 2 years away from the game makes him unworldly. Too bad there is no D in Offense.

Actually…Goss is an elite player who has “Mastered” the college game and a high draft pick.
Potentially…Bry is just a guy that came off of knee surgery 3 months ago so we won’t know who he is for another year, too bad he did not have the sense to quit firing 3s after 4 misses like Emery did.

I would add that BYU had a total of 9 turnovers in the entire game, sure felt like 20 but that is the stat game and “Poor Shot Selection” is not included in TOs, if it were, TJ and Bry would have had a dozen.

Can I add an Amen to your game analysis? Thanks for taking the time to break down what each player did RIGHT and WRONG with just the right amount of humor.

All I would add at this point is the youngsters at BYU have to be saying at this point, “We just played blow for blow with the #1 team in the nation” outside of a 5 minute window. We clean up some things and we have got this.

I have seen great improvement on the pic and roll. Bigs are extending futher, GU got very few points from it. The drive and dish are GU’s signatures and BYU covered it fairly we. Our D was solid for big parts of the game with exception of guys jumping out of their shoes at a fake or bumping a 3 point shooter, those things can be cleaned up very easily. As for staying in front of their guy, TJ and Bry just suck. I don’t even know if anyone can stay in front of Goss or Williams but it does not hide the fact that BYU could be special if did improve.

Keep up your posts too! Anybody that fishes with Bobby Knight and holds their own with him on basketball talk is going to bring it! And if the basketball stories ever get old, you can share some good fishing stories.

Like you, I like Bryant’s potential. He has good size and athleticism and a nice shot. He could be a really solid player if he keeps developing his game. I would love for him and all our players to spend time watching film with a good coach/mentor. Yes, you can develop and improve just by playing and getting experience but breaking down film helps you develop the mental aspect of the game. It translates to proper decision making on the court.

Regarding defense, I heard an interview with Jackson Emery. He had a frank conversation with Nick about the critical need for a lock-down defense. The need for great defense would seem obvious but it probably helps to hear it from someone who really knows. Nick has improved his defense this year. Yes, there have been too many times where he goes for a steal and leaves his guy a clear path to the basket but, hopefully he’ll continue to learn from his mistakes and get better. Speaking of defense, BYU did much better running the 1-3-1 against Gonzaga. So, maybe our team defense is getting a little better too.

I too saw a big up tick in the Defensive effort. That run that GU made to break the game wide open happened specifically when Emery tried his silly steal stuff and when Haws let his guy knock down 3 open 3s. Rose sat Haws for a while and got his attention.

I can just imagine Coach Lewis sitting there with Haws explaining, “you just got burned 3 times in a row” and Haws saying, " Yeah but, Coach, I can do so much more".

On this team saying Bryant is the strongest doesn’t say much. When Goss is next to Bryant the strength and definition of muscular development is easy to see. Goss took Bryant inside a couple of times and Bryant just bounced off Goss. They all need serious weight room training.

We are in agreement. It’s the same old thing that we start games in Basketball and football without the effort needed. We wait until we get down to catch fire. I would start the game full court defense and force them to run and work hard from the beginning.