Scouting Harvard and the DH Classic

We start with Harvard. They are not a good team but capable of beating BYU (just ask #4 Kansas)

Kaufusi will see plenty of action, Harvard’s top scorer is 6’9, 245 Jr Zena Edosomwan.

Harvard is a poor FT shooting team, just like BYU…Edosomwan is below 50%.

Harvard plays snail paced tempo so our starters should never need to be tired at sea level.

Patrick Steeves, 6’7 Sr, is their 3 ball threat hitting 7-15. KC needs to stick to him. Steeves does not draw many fouls, he just sits back and shoots long balls.

McCarthy is their most dangerous guy. He is 6’1 Fr and their point. Emery will eat his lunch.

The only thing that can kill BYU is if Harvard hits their 3s. Just defend the 3 and keep them off the boards and BYU should win easy. First team to 70 points wins.

After Harvard, BYU will play a either Auburn or UNM, both fast paced teams where we really need our bench.

Either UNM or OK would beat BYU

Seems to me the team will go 2-1 in the tournament.
Harvard is a should win. If not then two easier games should be wins.
NM is pretty much of a toss-up game. A win would set up a match between Rose and Kruger which used to be great matches. Though not likely this time. Rose doesn’t have someone who can carry the team quite yet. Maybe by the end of the year Seljaas or Emery will be able too but probably not quite yet. A loss gets a team that will likely be a win.
Auburn should be the easiest game in path to the championship game. Pearl is still rebuilding.

Kentucky should have beat UCLA. Duke should have beat Utah. And there are more examples. Let’s take on game at a time

duke had no chance to beat utah even after all the one sided ref calls. IF you saw the game, you would know Duke had no inside game and could not hit outside shots. IF you saw the game, you would know that Utah dominated all aspects of the game. IF you saw the game, you would know that refs hosed utah every chance they got. Worst one sided calling it have seen in a while.

And I hate utah.

Love is blind…

and Dave rose is in love with Chase Fischer. I knew it would be a bad start and poor first half for Fischer when he had a great opportunity to dish the ball of to Davis under the basket and instead forced up the shot while being double teamed… yeah, he got free throws but he missed them both and missed a chance at a sure basket for Davis.

You gotta love his superman defense though, flying through the air and leaving the Harvard shooter wide open for 3’s over and over.

This game started out like the football bowl game but BYU should come back and win it by 10. If not for the bad start they would win by 20+. So how did BYU get back in the game to end the half? Chatman got his 2 minutes, Fischer was on the pine, KC was able to create shots instead of turning the ball over playing PG and Seljaas hit some shots.

It’s like we’ve been saying for weeks now… get Chatman some minutes, get Selfischer on the pine and bring him in to spark if needed, get KC away from the PG spot and get Kaufusi and Davis to rebound more. Not difficult unless the coach is blinded by love…

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I can’t disagree. There is no chemistry on this team. We really have to depend on two true freshmen to have any chance to win. It is very sad. The last two possessions, KC passes into two defenders and then they run a play where Emery dumps it down low to Davis, except the pass was way wide. Why not have KC just drive in and make or get fouled? We got nothing. BYU is at a 10 year low.

Fischer needs to come off the bench. Kaufusi does not progress and now we are headed into WCC play. This team would be lucky to make the NIT.

At this point, Rose would do well to play Chatman, Seljaas and Hartsock and get ready for next year. We can do no worse.

I’ve never heard Rose so disappointed so much or so perplexed at different facets of the teams play.

So I checked and until now he’s never had a team that started as badly as this team has. the team two years ago did go 7-3 before going on a long swoon but Rose has never had a 7-4 team.

Tomorrow against NM looks like it will be 7-5 unless Rose either benches Fischer when he proves cold or Fischer isn’t cold. I expect Fischer to be cold.

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I was wrong… I said at halftime that BYU would come back and win by 10. They could never separate themselves because Rose somehow couldn’t see what was working and what wasn’t. That was evidenced when he ran the final play with the game tied that ended with Fischer shooting a long range 3 air ball.

So pathetic when the coaches squawked about wanting the refs to review it for goaltending… talk about grovelling on your knees for mercy.

One of the most frustrating things in the world is to watch a team with tons of potential struggle to realize even a portion of it. This is Dave Rose team and he has to make the tough decisions to turn things around. His experience and knowledge should be enough but he has to take off the CF blinders and tell KC that he has the triple double record and there will be nothing more to say about it. The two seniors are not leading this team anywhere right now.

All I can add to your analysis is that BYU lost because BYU is a bad team. Like really bad. This is one hot mess. The saving grace in games like this is that it didn’t matter at all whether we won or we lost, because we will not be in the NCAA tourney anyway, so whether we go 20-12 or 17-15 doesn’t matter. The Rec League has enough pathetic teams to keep us over .500, and the return of TJ, Mika and Dastrup will completely change the identify of this team.

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Did you notice that Fischer did not start the second half?

yep. but he sure ended it.

maybe now he won’t start the first half?..

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yeah… just another reason that makes the final play call of the game even more suspect.

They may as well run a play for Kaufusi to shoot a 3, at least he had scored previously.

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Davis would have been my choice. Emery had been struggling. I don’t think they would have been ready to defend a three against Davis. But, why did they have to go for a 3?

You aren’t getting my sarcasm. Shooting a 3 was as stupid as Fischer taking the shot. Get the freaking ball inside or let KC try to create something (have him post up for crying out loud) and do it in the last 5 seconds to either get an easy shot of draw a foul. Put the pressure on Harvard… having Fishcer come around a screen to get a 3 that ends up being from 5+ feet outside the arc was the worst possible chance to win the game!

Total nonsense!