Scouting Houston at Houston

If the game were played at Provo, I would give BYU a 10 points win. But at Houston, I’m just hopping to get out of there with a win.

Houston has at QB, Tune that has a very good arm and the Houston coach is an Mike Leach protégée, need I say more.

Their run game is suspect, Houston has 3 very small, bowling ball like running backs…and a first rounder receiver by the name of Stevenson. #5, keep your eye on him.

Houston had 319 yds and 2 TDs in the air. BYU has not impressed me in the back field sp expect some score, Tune is more then capable with his arm, in the same breath, with any kind of pressure, Tune also throws copious interceptions, he also gets nervous feet and will take off running. I doubt that Tuiaki will have the guts to really mix it up so expect Houston to score points on long drives. I pains me to say this but I saw a lot of the old BYU defense in the UTSA game and Houston will exploit our 3 man rush.

BYU has me worried after Saturday. We did not respond under pressure and certainly looked beatable and the sad thing is UTSA is not a great football team. There is a lot of truth to “Playing down to your competition” and " An ugly win is still a win" so I guess I’ll be happy.

Expect a slug fest with a lot of points scored.

USTA was 3-1 and scored well in their wins. With that said our defense made some weak decisions and didn’t play up to potential.

Looks like the pollers agree. They have BYU at a 3.9 to win. the line started at 4.5 then betting has pushed it to a tighter game. more like 3 by the time its done.

The over/under is at 62 points…I would have it at 74 or higher.

BYU should get 2 starters back on the Oline, Covid Hoge and our line general, Empey.

BYU Should get both those players back, plus Almond. In retrospect, BYU not only overlooked USTA but the 34 point underdog label really motivated USTA. They were disrespected and they wanted to prove that point. BYU should take notice that every single team they play well be gunning to take em down.

While Houston can lay down a whole lot of points, BYU has some every good film to study and should have a sound game plan.

one more thing. Houston held Tulane to 70 yards rushing. Tulane was leading the conference. BYU cannot afford to be one dimensional or they will lose. People always talk about the glamor positions but football is won and lost in the trenches. Now we will see if all the Oline hype is for real.

If BYU can average 5 years/carry, we win.

5 years per carry should run the clock out once we get a 7 - 0 lead. Love spell check :grin:

an excellent break down on Houston. Pay attention to what Harper says on Defense.Interestling