Scouting Idaho State--JK

Just kidding. Nothin to scout. I’d give Allgeier ONE possession AT MOST. Let him rest. It would be an unforgivable coaching blunder to get him hurt against the JV. Even last Saturday, his last 5 carries were COMPLETELY unnecessary. You may have noticed he got hit HARD in the hip on his last carry and limped off. Avoided injury but my heart stopped. I get that Roderick wants Allgeier to rock the stat sheet, but that dude has been rode hard for 9 weeks straight. He will say he wants to play and wants the rock, but I hope they give him a break.

Ditto Jalen Hall. Just let Baylor start and then bring in Conover after our first TD in the third quarter. Conover can play in up to 4 games and still redshirt and this year won’t even count for him, so Roderick may as well get him some PT for free! After being an absolute BOSS in every game he’s ever started, I’m afraid Baylor may get tired of looking at the back of Hall’s jersey for 3 years if he doesn’t get some opportunities to play.

BYU may be the only 7-2 team in history where all 7 wins were decided in the 4th quarter. That takes a toll, and a JV game followed by a bye week are coming at just the right time.

Just start the starters and get by 35 and for the rest of the 3 quarters play everyone else. Naw, don’t look past anyone.

I saw the title and said, WTF?
Still laughing, Then I knew that even a crap game against a crap team, that BYU could get mileage out of and you pen how BYU can rest the starters, get the subs quality time-Nuff said.

I did manage to watch GaSo last night, they WILL play BYU tough if we think they are the JV.