Scouting LMU, can I get a 3?

BYU travels to LMU to face yet another WCC team that loves to shoot the 3. BYU will face the third point guard, Wintering, Watson and now Brandon Brown, that is a great penetrator. This guy will find the open shooter on the wing if we collapse on him and the hot shooter now is seldom used Humphries who is shooting over 60% from the 3.
We have to be sound when it comes to defending the arc or it will be another long night for BYU. Rose in Defending Gonzaga came up with a weird defense just to guard Wiljar, maybe he can come up with another twist…a 3-2 or a 2-1-2 or something like that.

The other weird stat is LMU is starting 5 Juco Transfers while several of the starters from last year’s team comes off the bench (Humphries).

From our end, LM will not be able to stop BYU as we have plenty of weapons. LMU averages 70PPG but lately have scored 87 and 75, on the road. They are clicking. BYU averages 83 PPG. While everyone nationally says it will be BYU 81-73 LMU, I will say LMU scores 80 at home but BYU scores more.

Okay, this sounds about right, but it is hard to predict what this years’ team is going to do from game to game. Honestly, after this last weekend I have no idea what will happen.

I agree with you that Collinsworth is the most important key to BYU winning or losing. His triple double record proves that. Fischer has been consistent lately and seems to have matured into his role. I still have a hard time with KC when he forces his drives to the basket, does a spin move in the lane and throws up a prayer or tries to pass when he has no idea where to. It is probably the most consistently frustrating play I have watched throughout the year and has a pretty low rate of success. It does get him lots of rebounds (when he misses so much) assists (when one of those crazy passes actually get to someone) and points (when a few of the shots go in) but it can also result in a Portland debacle when the officials refuse to make a call for him.

Anyhow, he knows he needs to do things differently. I just hope he isn’t looking ahead to his potential career at this point. I am skeptical about a nba career but that is just me.

I agree, Collinsworth is the key. If I recall correctly, he only has one triple double where we didn’t win. If he is playing his game and distributing, we win. If he is forcing his game, we generally lose.