Scouting Loyola Marymont Lions

LMU is located in LA, on the coast, overlooking Playa Vista. I’ve been there. looks like a nice little surf town, well away from the craziness of LA. Where they got their mascot, the Lions, gets me unless they are referring to a sea lion?

Whereas Oral Roberts was a inside team with poor outside shooting, LMU will be the opposite, they shoot a lot of threes and are respectable from distance. They are weak inside. Having said that, BYU will give LMU their worst loss, point wise of the season to date.

Their best player is 6’6 Scott, who averages 17 a game, leads the team in Assists, 5pg, and rebounds at 6.5pg. Needless to say, they run the entire offense through this guy and at 245lbs, and a guard, he is a load.
Outside of Scott, LMU really does not have athletes. or quickness.

Childs should get 40 for BYU and when they double him, BYU will avenge their poor shooting against OR and shoot lights out from 3.

On D, BYU will make it tough for LMU to have open looks from 3, their only good stat.

Blowout. BYU gets to the 80s.