Scouting Loyola Marymount

Loyola Marymount, which sits atop the bluffs overlooking Marina Del Rey and Playa Del Rey. The first time I visited the area, I imagined what it looked like 100 years ago, like so many area’s along the Cali coast, just breath taking. Like so many in the WCC, a Jesuit school with about 9,000 students. One heck of a small gym

Lead by 6’1 do it all guard, Bateman, averages 17ppg, 5spg- Hardnett will guard him

Steve Haney, 6’6 is a Sr and lives by the 3. put Seljaas on him

Scott is a 6’5 245lb bruiser, and a Freshman, second leading scorer and top tebounder at 7rpg. Yo gets him

7’3 dude, Murkusson is Worthy of Worthington.

That about does it. BYU has better guards, Better inside play. The book of Eli writes another big chapter. Aren’t we due for a big TJ game?

thanks for the scouting reports-always interesting and informative

My observations:

  • Payton still late on rotations but awesome dunk
  • handling the active hands well
  • not a fan of lineups without yo or Elijah


Calm down and play your game.

Oh and run them into every screen known to man.
We have to learn how to adapt to how the refs are calling the game. This isn’t the NBA, college refs are garbage and you just have to adapt to however they decide to do it not do their job.

Man I love NBA refs…

Nixon gets back the defense gets even better, Seljaas playing a lot better but he gets abused in the paint. Hardnett is doing well. Sloppy 2nd half as LM came out playing much more aggressive.

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Real sloppy 2nd half. Sejlass has to get a step more out on 3 point shooters. Too many 2nd half turnovers. And rebounding sucked. That’s the problem with Sejlass. We really need a 5 man for defense and rebounding. Dastrup was late in rotations still. Luke does better on defense than Dastrup but that lazy pass is inexcusable.
Bryant has so many tools. Those long bounce passes are text book. Every coach in the country should show their teams how to pass.