Scouting Missouri State at Home

  1. The first thing that pops out is that MSU is loaded with Sr talent. 6 and zero Freshmen on this team. They lost a lot of scoring from last year and have about as many new faces as BYU so we can’t rely on last year’s data. MSU should win the Missoui Valley Conf. and make the big dance. Advantage MSC.

  2. For once, BYU should not be smaller. Clay and Mogbo are 6’8 and efficient at scoring inside and rebounding. Foos will guard Mogbo, George or Waterman can guard Clay. favor MSC.

  3. Their back court of Moore, Trimble Jr. and Lee are smallish, 5’10, 6 and 6’2. They shoot the 3 well but Rudi, Robison and Johnson will pose problems for MSU especially inside. Advantage BYU.

  4. They draw fouls at a rate below 20%. SDSU was a whooping 56%. BYU draws fouls closer to 30% of the time. Adv. BYU

  5. 3 point shooting, MSC made 11-26 over a Missoui S&A team. BYU is home, Adv. BYU

  6. Tempo. MSC likes to slow it down, don’t waste possesions. Sr.s are serious at 64% in their first game. BYU in it’s ISU game was at 40%. Advantage MSU (not really…BYU was at 53% @SDSU).
    BYU will want to speed it up, MSU, slow it down.

  7. Turnovers, BYU has SUCKED! averaging over 20 pg. MSC 16 in their only game.

This game boils down to if BYU can cover 3s and make 3s and TURNOVERS. Robison and Johnson should work the ball inside over their smallish defenders. I say Rudi and Hall have been working on it.

BYU 78-70 Missouri St.

I would give BYU the edge with #2.

I think BYU wins this game–mostly because BYU HAS TO win this game to maintain momentum off of a solid performance at SDSU, and because BYU has a margin of error THIIIIS THIN to make the dance. BYU can lose MAYBE one or two non quad 1 games and go dancing. And it’s nearly certain we will lose at least one conference game to a crappy team. So I think Missouri State and Nicholls St this week are MUST WINS if we want to dance. Pope knows it, the guys know it, and I think they will play like it.

We have some new guys with really, really high ceilings; it will be fun to see them improve as they gain confidence. Plus I will predict this:

Rudi will come around. How many BYU PG can take the ball to the rim and score over a guy like Mensah? Rudi did. Marty Haws did almost 40 years ago. Can’t think of many others off hand. Last year Rudi shot 50.9/44.7. This year he has started 38.1/28.6. Last year he averaged 2.3 TO per game, which is about normal for a PG. He will shoot better, he will take better care of the ball, and we will win games with the rock in his hand.

Much more athletic team than last year.
What to like (and question) about Missouri State basketball after its opening-night win (

Like BYU, playing so many new guys, comes with turnovers.
BYU had 3 starters come back, MSU has 2, Clay and Trimble Jr. plugging in new pieces comes with unfamiliarity.

Agree that Rudi will get better. A confident Hall is waiting in the wings. Toying with the idea that we will see both of them on the floor much like Barcello and Lucas although Barcello never was a true Point.

Robison had a marked improvement in the SDSU game. Waterman regressed and it may due to too big of a moment. Hope I was not wrong on him, he could be big for BYU.

Speaking of Mensah and LeDee, those two were a Load. Won’t be seeing that out of Missouri St. We need to get Atiki and Waterman up to speed when we run into that kind of inside load.
BYU vs. San Diego State - Game Recap - November 11, 2022 - ESPN
Ya have to admit that after that near ISU loss, it felt pretty good to lead SDSU most of the game at their home and for a young team, a game like this gives BYU the confidence to go out there and play with anyone.

Really depends on how dominate the WCC is this year. Last year, WCC was close to getting 4 teams in. The road always goes through Gonzaga and St Marys. Add San Fransisco to that list.

This is the 2nd game were Rudi struggles and Hall finishes the game. Hall’s first game winner as a cougar. And those rebounds at the end. Beast mode.

If you would have said before the season that Johnson is our most consistent player, I would have bet my house on it. But here he is.

Atiki had his best game as a cougar by far. 11 boards. Gonna be good heading into the Big 12.

George played alright as did Robison

Waterman goes OFF with 5 threes. Too bad his defense is suspect, as is Robison’s

Turnovers, 1st half 10, very bad. 2nd half, 3 very good.
Blocks, 9 outstanding and Robison got screwed on that call, all ball.
Tight games build character

Another 10 point lead blown. We have to start putting teams away when we get double digit leads…I think it’s time to have Foose and Atiki on the floor at the same time…

It’s gonna be hard to beat good teams without a star player, and I don’t see one right now. I still think Rudi will come around, but its looking more and more like a platoon with Hall, who has impressed (I think all of his 3 pt attempts were just brutal bricks, but in HS he made them from everywhere, so his shooting has to come around). Robinson was a near 5 star out of HS but I really don’t see it yet—his former Arkansas teammate DOMINATED the game yet Robinson was a non factor for the third game in a row. I see the athleticism but it’s not translating into an impact on the game.

George, Atiki and SJ, who all have tremendous athleticism, we’re all great, and that was fun to see.

Also fun to see officials who, despite some bad calls for both teams, did an overall great job, stayed out of the way, and made the SDSU crew look even more biased and pathetically inept than I already thought they were.

This was a FUN game to watch. Credit to both teams and coaches for a really great game.

You missed Fousse…