Scouting NC State in Vegas, championship round

We could of really used Atiki in this game. BYU being thin down low to start with. I pray that Foos does not get into foul trouble or it will be a long night for BYU.

NCst is very much a guard driven team, yay for BYU but they have a big boy talent in DJ Burns Jr. #30 is 6’9, he goes 275 lbs. With BYU being thin at center, Coach Keatts will have them gunning for Foos.

This is a much better coached team then our ASU blowout. They can beat BYU. As an ACC team, they are hard nosed well coached and they will score.

BYU’s only weakness is defending close 2s, Imagine a game without Waterman, Atiki and Foos in foul trouble.

Why do you say Waterman? The rule says Waterman would also have had to be fighting. Was he? I don’t remember him doing so. He should be playing.

Hopper, you respond 8 hours later, long after Officials have decided who gets suspended.

Atiki is out, Waterman is in.

BYU Blows Out Arizona State, Draws NC State in Vegas Showdown Finals - Vanquish The Foe

I was driving back home while the game was on in the first half. Saw the 2nd half. Then, went to bed without looking at comments. Woke up and responded 8 hours later. Anything else mamma you want me to respond to?:rofl:

NC State is arguably BYU’s toughest test of the season to date. San Diego State may be the better team, but BYU got the Aztecs at home and SDSU was without two rotation players on the bench and star guard Darrion Trammell played but was nursing a shoulder injury.

NC State was picked to finish 7th in the ACC and starts three talented guards and one giant man in the middle. The Wolfpack start three transfers and return two starters from last year. They’ve played predominately an 8-man rotation. Of the three bench guys, two are transfers and one is freshman. So six of the eight rotation players are new to the program this season. Compare that to BYU where all nine main rotation players that have played in each game are returnees.

BYU-NC State Preview: Vegas Showdown Finals Features 2 Undefeated Teams (

Should be a good test. See where there are holes in the offense and defense that needs to improve. Our two point s prong needs some improvement. Too many floaters and not good solid midrange shots.

Looks like Waterman is playing. He’s warming up. Game starts soon!