Scouting Ole Miss. Chances of moving on

Let’s start with the basics: The game is in Dayton, so it favors BYU.
BYU is favored to win 82-80 (Massey)
Ole Miss is a very poor shooting team, 42% FG, they are a very good rebounding team but ranked #200 in Defense. BYU will be able to score on them but can we stop Miss? This looks to be a shootout and thus, BYU is favored.

Stop or slow down Stefan Moody and Miss has no chance. Can BYU do that…very little chance, Moody is the Sec player of the year, at 5"9, he can leap out of the gym…crazy hops. he is a poor 3 point shooter but is not be left alone. They do have a 6’6 3 point specialist (Ladarious White) who can hit 42%. Miss shoots very few 3s so BYU will most likely have to play a lot of zone coverage just to keep them out of the paint. There other guard, Sommers is 6’3 and second on the team in scoring @ 12 PPG.

There Bigs go 6’9 , the Spaniard, Saiz and Rhett. Big and beefy @ 240 lbs. They don’t do a lot of scoring but they sure will push our bigs around with their size. The entire starting lineup are seniors except the Spaniard.

They do have a lot of bench players and Miss uses its bench so I doubt we can gas them except for Moody, who seems to play entire games. A guy that could hurt us coming off the bench is transfer, Terence Smith, a 3 point specialist.

BYU should win this game if we can hit threes. We have shot 3-4 times as many 3s as these guys. It will be our outside shooting vs their inside game.

BYU by 5