Scouting Pepperdine, at their place

BYU is a 5 point favorite, up from 2 just a week ago. What changed things is BYU’s big win @SDSU and Pepperdine dropping two games to so so teams after that great start against teams like UCLA and SDSU, where they held them to 65 and barely lost.

Pepperdine is guard centric as are most WCC teams. Colby Ross, Sr. has been tough for BYU to guard for 4 years now and is the leader of the Pepperdine waves (BTY, how does the mascot dress, just a thought)
They were cruising along, playing really good ball until these last two games…puzzling, Pepperdine was at home against UC Santa Barbara and Cal State and they got whacked pretty back. In looking at the stats: Bigs did not score at all and Chukwaka did not play. With no production from inside, they lost.
It could be injury or that guards just did not get them the ball. IDK?

At any rate, BYU’s MVP, Barcello always gets the task of defending any team’s best guard or shooter for that matter, He guarded Mitchell of SDSU and for 30 minutes shut him down. Our other great guard is Johnson, Pope calls him his lock down guy. BYU ranks top 50 on D and that hasen’t happened in forever.
When you have these two guys defending a guard centric WCC, it is going to be hard to beat BYU. Lastly, 6’8 Edwards has been the high scorer for Pepperdine, these last two games were dismal, the key is Edwards 3 point shooting. He bricked all 4 in the the UC game and 1-3 in CS game. Pay close attention to that stat. Pepperdine has been poor on the boards, like really poor.
BYU continues Pepperdine’s misery, outrebounds them by 10 and more then covers the spread.

Johnson has had 2 poor shooting games. Hope he practices a lot. He can defend well and is 6’5”. I wish they allowed fans. I’d pick up Jim and go down there.

Pepperdine game is to be rescheduled if possible. Makes you wonder how many WCC games in California that will actually happen

What is it with these California schools? We seem to figure out how to play the games. Why can’t they? If it’s not rescheduled then the team that pulls out should have to forfeit and the other team should be given a victory. Maybe teams will do better through all of this if there was an incentive like taking a loss for a forfeit.

Not sure about penalizing them, but I shouldn’t think you would reward them-aka OSU

Maybe they have covid issues. If not why would it be postponed? California is a train wreck and unfortunately all but 3 WCC teams are in California.

covid on the Pepperdine team, 5 players and coaches But SD is on for Sat.

Oh NO! Maybe the Cali schools all pull the ripcord and we will have to play Gonzaga and Portland 8 times each and go 8-8 in league :slight_smile:

Haven’t heard that San Diego has a problem to just maybe we can get that one in

Every single basketball team should of had a covid party back in summer and gotten it over. We will be dealing with lost games all through the season and a single NCAA playoff much like the NBA ran their playoffs.

I am so ready for this nightmare to be over. On my street along we have had 6 out of 9 families with covid over the past 60 days. We are approaching herd immunity.

Hopefully by March it will be a lot better, but my gut tells me it will never be the same. More fear, more intimidation, more corruption. All we can strive for is to be “a few good men”. BYU athletics and some other programs represents what competitive sports was envisioned to be. Few and Pope represent what I expect good coaches to be. Watch them-they have similar characteristics

careful there…when I suggested the same last spring I was informed that such was not good science.

And it is Bellevue Washington, the chapel is right next to Newport High where Pope played his hs ball. almost within sight of the temple, though where he lived on Mercer Island he would see the temple most everyday crossing the bridge heading either to school or home.

still going on
The Cougars are scheduled to open WCC play next Thursday, Jan. 7 against Pacific. But the Tigers (3-1), . . .“temporarily suspended team activities after a Tier 1 member of the program has tested positive for COVID-19,” according to a news release.
Under university policy, Pacific would not be able to resume activities for at least 14 days or “when it is deemed safe by appropriate medical professionals.”
BYU’s road game at San Diego postponed, 5th game called off on WCC’s opening weekend |

It would be good if the team can shake off some rust enough to pummel SMC on January 14. Assuming another California team doesn’t succumb.

It’s a conspiracy! Just because a starter tests positive doesn’t mean the rest of them can’t play. I say teams not willing to play and get beat forfeit. We pick up wins on each of them.

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