Scouting Potlandia, start of WCC play

Not a lot of speed on this team. The team is built with 4 guards and a 7’2 center, although not nearly as athletic as TSU’s Reed. Hartwich #15 averages 3 blocks pg and nearly 10 rpg.

6’7 McSwiggen and 6’4 Porter are tall guards that not only lead the team in points, they both shot over 46% from 3. In fact, 4 guys on the team shoot over 40% from 3 so BYU will be tested on Portland’s home gym.

Portland starts 3 freshmen surrounding a senior center. that just about sums it up.

Im sure that they could put up a fight if they hit a bunch of 3s but will BYU let them have open looks is the question.

Portland will have no answer for BYU’s better players at every position. BYU by over 10 and Portland does not get to 70.

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