Scouting St. Mary's

If you look at scouting, Saint Mary’s ranks from number 16 all the way back to number 44 in the country. They are all over the place. It is because posters don’t know where to put them. They have played all of their games at home except for the Cal game and they have won all of their games at home.
They lead the country in three point shooting and efficiency. This will be one of the few times BYU faces an all white team on the floor. Teams have tried to figure out how to stop St. Mary’s from shooting threes but everyone has failed thus far. I think that explains why Rose benched kaufusi during the Hawaii tournament. He could see for W cc league play that we have to play small ball
More to come

To say the Kaufusi was benched to prepare to play small ball is to say that Kaufusi hasn’t developed enough to be an asset against smaller teams.
He’s failed to develop the game necessary for him to get time on the floor.
One of the reason people claim Mark Few’s Gonzaga teams is that he plays bigs, that playing the bigs is an advantage against the smaller teams in the WCC.
If playing Kaufusi isn’t an advantage it is because he’s not playing well. Mika was an advantage against the smaller WCC teams. KD and Austin and Aytes are apparently all advantageous enough to be playing for small ball time.

Basketball is a lot about match ups. I still think Kaufusi can be a benefit over Austin on the offense. Aytes is a benefit on the offense over Austin. I don’t know why Rose is so pro Austin unless the benching is a result of disciplinary action. Austin wouldn’t sit by Kaufusi on the bench and made Emery sit by him.

The only thing I can say about your Kaufusi-Austin comment is “hypocrite”.

It’s interesting how you are always guilty of doing the very things you accuse others of doing…

No, it’s more than interesting, it’s crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Have no idea why you say hypocrite. But then you say a lot of things that are strange. What this shows that you only accept your opinions and no one else can observe what’s happening and come up with opinions. I’d say you may be the hypocrite :slight_smile:

Does this sound familiar?

How can you pretend to know the thoughts of others? when I said I thought Fischer and sometimes KC were selfish players…

Classic case of accusing everyone else of doing something but when you do the same thing you think it is okay… I honestly don’t care if you do it, just don’t get after everyone else for doing it… that is the definition of a hypocrite…

Classic case of misinterpretation. I wasn’t judging the thoughts of Austin or Kaufusi. I wasn’t judging either one of them either. I wasn’t calling them selfish. My comment was an observation of a possible rift between the two. And Rose was doing what he thought was right.
You were judging KC and Fischer personally. Big difference.

Does anyone else see the hypocrisy of the above statement? I’m apparently judging KC and Fischer personally when I comment that I think they play selfishly from time to time (when I compliment their game that goes unnoticed) but when Scott makes a comment regarding “a possible rift between two players” that is just an “observation”…

I think SG needs a dose of testosterone… so he can stop “observing” a possible rift between players. Dude… that only happens on the women’s team. :laughing:

Once again the mighty Hawks crashes and burns. Doesn’t get it that calling people selfish is a personal judgment attack. Especially when Rose hasn’t made any moves to limit or take either player off the court. Doesn’t matter if you give a token attempt to cover the error.
Now, saying there may be a rift between two players isn’t calling either one selfish or anything else. If it is the case, Rose has taken care of it and we see Kaufusi bench sitting. But not because of some made up character flaw that an arm chair referee sees :smiley_cat:

something that all of us have experienced in this forum, multiple times…

The back and forth followed by the inevitable “mincing of words” to somehow come out appearing like you were never wrong in the first place.

I’m not attempting to cover any errors, I never do. I make errors and people see them, no big deal.

And I saw one :wink:

I’ve been vindicated by a true expert. Michael Thompson, MBA star and now announcer for the Lakers, said he ran into Larry Nance (one of the Lakers young players). Thompson told him to be more “selfish” and stop thinking so much. He told him to shoot when he’s open. He said you have to have a certain level of selfishness to be effective and utilize your skill.
I think this is why Rose hasn’t benched or cut playing time for both KC and Fischer. So, they are doing what the experts say to do. I’m in line with Thimpson and Rose, the experts!
So, you can stop using their apparent selfishness in a negative way :slight_smile: another slam dunk and posterization of Hawks!!!

You said that Austin wouldn’t sit by Kaufusi, implying that there was a rift. There may be many reasons that Austin did not want to sit by Kaufusi. For example, Kaufusi is a big man, Austin is also a big man. Emery is not as big of a man. It may be more comfortable for Austin to sit by Emery, rather than sitting by Kaufusi simply because they are both large in stature, without any animosity between the two.
For you to make a judgement call that there may be a rift because you observed the players changing seats and then argue that others should not make judgement calls about what other players are feeling is hypocritical.
I’m sure you won’t think so, however, it is obvious to the rest of us.

As I’ve said before I made no judgment of an unrighteous nature. I simply observed something that may have explained why Kaufusi might not be playing and Austin is.!incalled neither a name.

You nailed it RIchard and as usual, SG’s reply was what everyone has come to expect.

How many “judgements of an unrighteous nature” can somebody claim to have not made?

His schtick is as old as the hills… it’s a bad joke that just keeps being told over and over.

Replying to yourself… it’s a sign that something is wrong. Maybe you could seek some real professional help from somebody other than Mychal Thompson because the situation he was referring to is completely different than the one we were discussing. But that isn’t something you will understand…

Nice try though…

I hope league play starts soon.


No, it’s not different. It’s exactly the same. We’ll just leave it at that. I’m right and you’re right as always :slight_smile:
League play starts Thursday! Go Cougars!