Scouting SUU thunderbolts

So, I looked up these guys and saw they went to Nebraska and beat them on double 0vertime. I would not look past these guys. Not that Nebraska is a bball powerhouse, I think they rank 143 something but still they are a P5.
SUU starts a number of seniors and their high point guy is 6’8 Morgan. So they will be a challenge inside for BYU’s stunted team.
Keys to a win. Defense inside because SUU is not a great 3 point team and everyone on the boards. SUU will have trouble with BYU’s range.

Definitely weren’t a 3 point shooting team. Troy seems to be getting a lot of pt. Not sure what’s up with that or am I missing something? Ah well Wtg Troy

Haws was in foul trouble early on in the 2nd half. He was brought in for defense at the end so Haws wouldn’t foul out. I guess Troy is a good defender.
They shot pretty good against Nebraska and won. We still aren’t shooting 3’s the way we need to. 33% against SDSU and 36% tonight. We won’t win many games doing that and have no chance against the next 6 games until Childs comes back.

We were outscored 46-22 in the paint, usually by guys just going one on one to the hole. Our lack of quickness and athleticism were on full display tonight. We are slow, short, and very earthbound. Is Barcello literally the only guy on our team who can stay in front of his man???

Its the process of off BYU recruiting shooters over athletes. SUU’s team comprised of 5 transfer starters, who started on 5 different teams (all MW or better conferences). The SUU roster has one Utahn on it, the rest fan out from across the globe, even a 7 footer from Senegal.
Now, granted, Pope inherited at Rose team but most of these players are from 50 miles or less. My point is…BYU should look more like the SUU composition with BYU’s world wide footprint. I have not been impressed with Popes choices so far and if he continues to recruit the same type of Rose player, BYU will fade.

To sum up the SUU game, their coach lost the game for them. They had the athletes to get dunk after dunk on BYU, that could blow by any BYU defender (which they did all night) and yet they played ISO ball when a pick and roll with any of their post players could get a layup on every possession.
BYU is soooooo bad that we have converted Seljaas into a low post player this season. It’s like nobody over there had a thought about what happens if Baxter is injured because we all knew Childs had opted out. Houston is going to show BYU just how bad we are down low.
We could not even come close to the odds playing at home…does not bode well.

Actually, what I have seen so far with BYU’s defense, most of the players are able to stay in front of their players. And, the help defense is very good at this stage in the season. Watch some of the game again and you will see this. Where we will struggle is keeping up with good outside shooting teams. SDSU shot 45% from 3’s and we shot 33%. It was at the end of the game where the percentage flipped and we didn’t make ours and they made there’s. It’s simple, we have to make our 3’s at a 45% clip against good scoring teams.
Without Childs I can’t complain about the player’s defense. They are doing pretty good.
Also, we do have some good big men transferring in that have to sit out this year. And, I have to think Pope is going around the world to find players. He knows.

The Houston game will be bloody. I applaud Seljaas and Nixon, because both are playing with toughness and hustling their a$$es off. They are just completely overmatched athletically in the post. Lee may be the slowest post player I’ve ever seen, and cannot guard anyone at all. He made some FT, made a 3, and made at least one beautiful pass, so Pope will use him effectively on offense, but he simply cannot move, thus can’t guard. I seriously have never seen a team get so many uncontested layins. I believe Pope will get the job done, but not with this group. If I’m wrong, he’s a STUD coach.