Scouting the SCU game

Like so many teams in the WCC, Santa Clara is guard oriented. On any given night Clark and Brownridge score almost 50% of the team’s output. Clark will get his points as he is the senior leader but Brownridge is the key. He is hitting almost 50% of his 3’s on 85 attempts. There is not another player even close to his stats. from long distance. SCU does not have the bigs that Gonzaga or Portland have so BYU should win this one from the get go. SCU tends to lose (6 games) when it cannot reach 70 points but I say SCU will reach their 70 and still lose.

BYU will try to wear out SCU starters with its shoot first, ask questions later pace and once they have to rest, BYU’s deeper bench open a tight game into an easy win. BYU has way too much fire power

BYU 80-73 SCU.

I like the breakdown of the game you presented. The key for BYU is will Fischer and Halford score enough to take the pressure off Haws and Collinsworth.