Scouting the Toledo Rockets

Yippy, finally someone Hill can beat. But hey, we sure showed the big 12 how many cougs will travel to stadiums on the road, there has to be a moral victory in there…somewhere:) And, hey we scored 32…wow…and we only lost by 3. The art of LOSING by just a few is becoming a Picasso. This will go down in history as the best LOSING season in BYU history.

scored 52 on Fresno last week. This QB, Logan Woodside has 11 TDs and 1 interception for the year on 51-82 for 939 yards and over a 200 QB rating. Hill by comparison has 91-151 for 869 yards with 7 interceptions and 4 TDs and a 108.1 QB rating.

Best case scenario…Hill throws another duck that Toledo scores on and jumps to a 2 score lead and gets replaced after BYU fans boo him at home.

Worst case scenario, Hill plays a sound game and we grind out a close loss…or win. At this point, who cares.

Vegas has BYU -4.5 so who am I to argue. Its at home, game starts at 8:15 PM MS. favors BYU. Toledo has a bye week, favors TU. The ranking world has the game, BYU 28-24 Toledo. I think BYU will grind out yards and keep them off the field. BYU 24 18. Sad sad, boring game.

Nothing like dull, dilutioned, negative BYU fans :slight_smile:

The more I think about this game, my gut says it will be in the 30s. BYU is going to try its darndest to keep the ball and keep their explosive offense off the field. Hardly boring.

Go hard go faster and we get into the 40’s

Game day! Yeah, we’re 1-3 but I still love game day. If BYU wins the turnover battle and gets 2+ takeaways, I’ll say BYU wins 35-24.

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Agree with you on the turnover battle, but I don’t think it will be that close, Glenn. I believe this will be a break-out game. BYU runs away with it: 48-24.

28 to 18, Toledo wins

so you’re saying we will see Tanner? If Toledo wins, I can’t see how they stay with Hill

This is going to be a slow down grind as many minutes off the clock if you’re BYU. If Toledo gets to 28, then that means that Hill is turning the ball over, just saying.

I still can’t wrap my head around benching Hill, I just don’t think they would do it.

I’ve changed my mind again. I’m back to a low scoring game.

Vegas gives 3 points for home field, so they have us what, a 1 point fav on a neutral field? That sounds like the oddsmakers thinking, “BYU used to be a powerhouse and is a name brand product. I can’t favor no-name Toledo, can I? But I think Toledo is better. But BYU is on ESPN every week. Ok, I’m going with BYU–just barely.”

Low scoring. I think it’s pretty hard for Detmer to trust Hill very much right now throwing the ball, and YOU HAVE JAMAAL WILLIAMS for Pete’s sake! Give him the rock 30 times, grind it out, hope the D finally gets some pressure on the QB (hard to do if we use the same passive defensive scheme we employed vs WV), and then give Williams the ball some more. After that, give Williams the ball just a little more. Dude is tougher than steel. I’ll be surprised if either team gets to the 30’s.

See. none of us has a feel for what will happen out there today. If could be a shoot out and Toledo wins that one or BYU does to Toledo what Utah did to us…we move the ball 5 yards a time and there is nothing they can do about it.

One thing is certain to me: Who ever turns the ball over the most, loses

Is BYU’s Oline strong enough to push Toledo around?

Toledo does not have a spy like UCLA’s and Hill will get 3 downs.

No, I am not saying anything. Just a wild random shot in the dark. I totally agree with giving Williams the ball 30 times. Good backs get better the more times they have the ball. Hill plays the entire game (unless injured) regardless of the outcome. Hill gets some yards on the ground but again we see that he is not the Hill of 2 years ago (hmmm, maybe it’s 3 years ago). Still think Toledo has a very good chance to win this game and perhaps by a wide margin.

:scream: what are you thinking???

I dunno, what are you thinking.

Actually, Hill could still do it but the coaches and his wife don’t want him to :wink: